RMK – Now that’s what I call a freebie!

Shops…insufferable. I hate Christmas shoppers – haven’t you people heard of the TINTERNET for Christmas shopping! It’s there, use it and get out of my way.

Anyways, cleaning through my mess (I swear stash photos are coming…soon) I found a few half stamped RMK cards – RMK do a loyalty card where for ever £20 you get a stamp – collect 6 and get a freebie from the freebie box. I’ve had my fair rummages through there and today I got one of my lovely SA’s, Chantelle, who is very generous on the counter.

I gave her my cards and she chucked a few random goodies in a bag for me (it’s usually one thing, like a nail polish).

But check it out!:

I got a Full size Cleansing Milk, a mini Creamy foundation and primer set, a mini scrub and mini fruit toner, three full size eyeliners in gray, purple and golden brown (from the collection about year and half ago) – and she even said to me “Sorry, I don’t have much in” !!!

It’s a pretty amazing goody bag if I don’t say so myself and I didn’t spend a penny!

In other news, I bought a advent calendar for the cats (they have catnip drops in them) I hid it on the top of my wardrobe. Got home today and the calendar was on the floor, shredded to pieces.

That means a kitty jumped up to the top of the wardrobe, pulled it down, got all the cardboard off it and chewed through to the treats!

Tut Tut.

Does anyone know how to check for a guilty cat?!

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  1. Medina says

    hahaha! (sorry!) Cuter the face – bigger the crime! My kitties chew chunks out of my cashmere jumpers, they used to like licking them when they were babies. I still haven’t found the way to keep them away from those.

  2. Row says

    Hey Nikki! Yeah I think this was a one off but I can’t believe it! Normally you pick one item from a box but theres four full sized items here!

  3. Row says

    Hey Medina

    No! Not the cashmere jumper! now that’s super harsh. Mine like cheaper things to chew like paper bags and cardboard – they love cardboard there’s little punctures in everything!