RMK Night Recovery Gel

As soon as I sniffed the super zingy orangey scent of RMK’s new Night Recovery Gel I knew I had to have it.

The gel is light textured, smells great and has small white capsules inside that burst and have a thicker cream inside.  RMK say:

Your intensive skincare begins while you sleep. An overnight treatment that moisturizes with the mix of juicy gel base and soothing capsules. Its sealing effect enwraps your skin with deep moisturizing action that continues throughout the night to combat damaging factors as dehydration.

It costs £38 – not cheap, not too expensive.

You use this gel at night time only, and apparently you have to wash it off the morning.  I have found so far it sinks in nicely, so the issue is not that it’s sticky or it feels weird, apparently its because it “keeps on working” and therefore you need to wash it off in the morning (hey if it keeps working can I keep it on all day?!).

It’s too soon to say if this is HG material but I like it so far, no allergies on me sensitive skin and its much better than Night Dew, the old night cream from RMK which was sticky.  Oh, its also great for winter since most people get a bit chaffey at this time of year.

Whilst I was on RMK I picked some other bits – I love the Irresistible C lipstick – the best texture ever, so got Gold Beige on a whim.  It looks like a gross dark copper in the tube:

But on, its just like pure liquid gold:

I think this work just as well on top of or under any other lip colour for extra sparkles (cost £15).

I got a freebie too!  RMK have a loyalty stamp system and I had collected 6 tokens, so since the SA was busy I very quickly choose a lipgloss (didn’t fancy a polish, eyeshadow or blush):

I picked this blind from the pick and mix! How good is my left hand! (Alas, I am not left handed or I would be using it to fill in this week’s lotto tickets).  I ended up with Peach Coral.  These glosses are usually £16 so I think its a darn good freebie!

Every counter should have a loyalty scheme stamp card, no?  Who would you want one from?  For me it has to be Nars, possibly Chanel and Shu Uemura (but not so much anymore).  I am still holding on for the day when Shu does a Back to Shu scheme and you can trade in your plastics for goodies 😀

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