RMK New Ingenious Eyeshadow & Blushers

RMK have revamped their range of shadows and blushers and I got some products to sample it out!

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RMK is expensive – a hear a lot of people complain about the prices. I would say in the UK its around the same price points as Chanel – so yes it is expensive but it never was a cheap brand to begin with. Some of the items are worth it – the base products especially the foundations are second to none. The eyeshadows – it depends entirely on what shade you are picking up. The eye pencils are so-so.

THe new packaging for the blushers I like a lot. The old blush was in a square but this is in a rectangle with a brush (they also had a rectangular blush that has a few shades in it but that doesn’t come with a brush).

rmk blusher-1.jpg

This is a matte soft beige – great day to day colour.

The jelly cheeks I got is also very nice and it blends beautifully. Once again I love the brush – the old jelly cheeks I had to stick my finger in to apply. The texture is smoother than before, and its pigmentned.

rmk ingenious jelly cheeks.jpg

There are tons of new shades replacing the old RMK eyeshadow ranges. The shiny range is shimmery and this is gorgeous – a rich cool toned brown with tons of sparkles.

DSC01735 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

This matte brown eye colour is perfect for contouring and basic eye looks – not usually the kind of thing i would choose but this is pretty!

DSC01736 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

I also have my eye on a hot pink jelly blusher and the Metallic eyeshadow in green. It is an expensive venture however – £16 per shade means two colours is £32 – the price of one Chanel Quad. The now come with the case which I am guessing, why they cost more than their old price. (in the past you could buy the pan and eyeshadow only and put it in your own palette).

Overall this is a beautiful collection, its typically sheer and glowy like a lot of Japanese brands are. It feel great on the skin and feel luxurious. You CAN still take the pans out of the case…but when you have already paid for them…why would you want to?

The downside is the price and that the quality varies. I would invest in pretty colours that I just adore but I wouldn’t buy mattes or uninspiring colours for that price.

All in all – Worth checkng out in person if you can!

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    • Row says

      Hi Abby

      the textures are interesting – the jelly one especially is quite quite firm and not creamy but its soft…

  1. Blair says

    SH01 is gorgeous!!! I won’t mind splurging for base makeup, but £16 for an eyeshadow single is a bit too much.

    • Row says

      Hey Blair!

      Yes it is in reality – there are 2 of the solos I want for example but thats £32 for just TWO colours. Expensive. You need the base the creamy foundation is just – out of this world!

  2. Blair says

    Sweetie, will the creamy foundation suit combo-oily-acne prone skin? oooh, my skin sounds terrible after looking at how I described it lol

    • Row says

      Hey Blair

      If you have quite oily skin I would suggest the liquid version as the creamy one works better for drier skin. Creamy offers more coverage. Both foundations are really lovely. :)