RMK New Eyeshadows & Blush Launch!

On June the 4th, RMK will launch their new range of eyeshadows (35 shades) divided up into 5 categories, Shiny (shimmery), Metallic (highly shimmery with glitter particles), Pearl (Iridescent texture) Brown and Dark (two I didn’t get a chance to try).

There will also be 8 new cream (or jelly eyes) eyeshadows, 6 Jelly cheek blushers and 23 pearl and matte blushers. The blushers are no longer in square pans, but in rectangular ones with a brush.

I had a mooch on my local RMK counter and had a play with the new range:

(JPEG Image, 480x360 pixels).jpg

The main things note are that:

1. The old eyeshadows are being discontinued – not right away but they will disappear so stock up on any favourites.

2. Whereas with the old shadows you had to buy a case for them these now COME with cases – this is why I presume there is a price hike – £16 per eyeshadow whereas I think it used to be about £11 plus a case at £3. The metal case is nicer I think, especially in the case of the blushers.

3. The new shadows have a hole at the bottom of the case so you can still remove them.

I did some swatches of the colours that stood out to me:


Left to Right:

Pearl: Dark Green, Metallic: Light Green, Shiny: Yellow Gold, Shiny: Blue, Metallic: Pink and horizonally, Metallic: Gold.

I haven’t been set alight by RMK for a while but this got me very excited. The dark green shade is stunning, and the stand out was the Metallics. RMK already do metallics that are SUPER shiny, but the new ones have a creamier texture and less fall out. The light green one (swatch does it no justice) is simply divine – a light-gold-green – its completely gorgeous!


There were lots of natural colours too but plenty to play with. I also had a sneak peek at the blushers that looked quite natural but very pretty indeed.

Once I have more samples in hand I will report further!

Thanks to Yoshi on RMK who let me totally mess up her counter!*

*Actually I messed it up and scurried away

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    • Row says

      Hi Nikki!

      I had to run away I had made a mess cos I was swatching away like it was my house!!

    • Row says

      Hey Blair

      They are! Lots of hits and misses I’ll have to report back and let you know 😀