RMK Nail Care Gel Oil Pen Review: For Dry Rough Cuticles!

RMK make such lovely base products, they really do, I don’t know why their seasonal collections kind of miss the mark a lot – usually because of a schoolboy error like, poor pigmentation. Wow me RMK, I really want you to.

Starting the day with a mini rant, eh?!

So for someone who has dry, unruly cuticles who should know better, I really don’t spend much time taking care of them. It’s boring, I find applying oil to them a waste of time, when I could be doing something more useful like, making a cup of coffee or eating a biscuit.

In a lame attempt to start using an oil on my cuticles more I bought this RMK Nail Care Gel Oil Pen (which I think is from the Summer 2010 collection) from eBay:


This handy pen contains a medium thick gel-oil inside, which doesn’t run everywhere when you apply it and smells gorgeous; of lavender, but nice lavender, not old folks home mouldy lavender.


So much for thinking the pen applicator would make my life easier (ideally I don’t want to touch the oil at all).

Whilst the nib is shaped like a felt tip, it doesn’t really help work anything into the cuticles, you still have to rub the gel in with your fingers.

I guess you can be more precise with where you put it, but that’s about it.

There are a few other problems with this product; the packaging is frosty plastic. Despite only using it a bit and storing it in the extra pocket in my bag, it’s been scratched like crazy – the thing looks so old and damaged now and it’s hardly been used!


I paid about £11 for this, I am guessing the UK retail price would also be around that mark. That’s quite expensive considering you don’t get much (2.3ml) whereas you could buy solar oil and get a lot more for your money.

There’s a note in the leaflet that says this pen will give you 60 applications or two months based on a daily application to both hands at 2pm (ok, I made up the 2pm bit).

But that gives you an idea of how long it will last.


Smells lovely, it is very hydrating but really, extremely poor packaging choice and too little product for the price.

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