RMK Makeover and Haul

I went to RMK today for their launch of the Curl Separate Mascara.

I tried out the product, which was fine – lengthening and separating, but I didn’t love it enough to spend £20 on it.

But I had my eye on the Quad, 06, a mix of minty greens and black –

It can be worn in a very fresh way, or in a smokey way, using the black.

I was also tempted into buy a Indelible Lipstick in Beige – I have never had a lipstick from this range before, but it feels like liquid silk (or whatever that would feel like.) It melts on contact with warm lips –

My eyes after the make over –

The pictures don’t do the look justice! The grey in the palette is very shimmery and this overall look was very striking.

I also bought – Liquid Eyeshadow in Lilac –

Not stunning but a really lovely base for my summery purples.

Then for my collection, I got the summery blue eyeshadow –

This is very glittery and cute. The texture is a little harder than the other colours but its a pretty bold, unique blue!

I highly recommend the range of Indelible lipsticks – they are very glossy and soft, which is great for my dry lips. I also love the quad I bought – a must for green eyeshadow lovers.

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  1. Cevest Lee says

    Hey I also went to Selfridges London for the make over. Apparently the very famous MA from Japan (Kaneko Tatsuya) did my makeup. My husband didn’t like it though, he thought my face was painted too much. In another word, he thought it was rather fake. The only thing I didn’t like was he put too much blush on my face, which made me looked like one of the monkey’s bottom. Otherwise, I bought the mascara (I just couldn’t resist…I was supposed to buy the Givenchy Captiv’ Eyes in purple black on that day!), the eyelash curler, thought I should give it a try (apparently they were made under the same labs of suquu)…
    But your eyes looked mesmerising! I don’t think if given the chance again, I would try the colors you wore.

    Au revoir.


  2. Row says

    Hey Cevest

    I love having make up done by visiting artists – I wish they would be more creative though and create somethign really unique but so far they havent done.

    I was very tempted by the RMK mascara and curler! the curler is only £10 (am I right) BUT, my friend has bought me the Suqqu from london so I had to pass. Same with mascara – I have SO many that I just couldnt buy another one.

    Do you like greens? The quad i bought is just my cup of tea – i love green, blues, dark metallics :)