RMK Make Over Results!

So today I went down to my local RMK counter for a makeover. However the centre where the stand is was packed beyond belief! This place has car parks surrounding it, and six of them were completely full (this parks thousands of cars) and we had to go round and round and round so I was half an hour late.

Luckily, the SA said she would do my eyes and lips for me (which was fine – I use RMK base anyway, their Creamy Foundation is the best).

So I asked for dramatic green and I got this in the end –

I think she did an amazing of of curling my lashes and keeping them curled! A lot of MA’s can’t get it quite right.

She used Water Eyes in Green (a liquid base) with Holographic Eyes in Green in the corner, the Metallic Powder in Silver in the centre.

The photos don’t quite get across how lovley and shimmery the glitter powder is! It is a real, slightly chunky glitter though so not for the faint hearted!

Speaking of RMK Eyeshadows (the singles) they come in three textures.

Holographic eyes comes in six shades, is a powder eyeshadow with light diffusing pearl and subtle gradations.
The Jelly Eye Colors come in six shades and really feel like jelly! They are light and creamy, but need a bit of powder to set it (in my opinion). RMK advises that when applying you use your fingers to fully enjoy the tactile nature of the colors.

Finally, there are the Metallic Powder eyes in 8 shades – The metallic powder eyes combine a deep base color with stardust-like pearls, to create a never-seen before sparkle. You can use each powder individually to create a fascinating effect with a dimensional quality, or produce an impressive finish by layering the Silver Lame which is scattered with an abundance of silver pearls. (My shade!) The green I bought for example looks like theres a black back green tint (think Nars Night Porter).

The gold and silver of the Metallic Powder eyes are gorgeous on top of other colours (not so great on their own) and are worth investing in. The metallic colours in general are lovely jubly, and similar to the Nars Night Porter range.

Jelly Eyes is stunning too, but you need to apply with caution!

RMK also do quads and specials.

The thing with RMK is that they do not provide the packaging – just a refill so you need to buy the case for extra (a cheapy plastic one) which is about £3 or you can buy a duo case for £8 which comes with a mirror and brush. I don’t personally think much of this, as it makes a £12 eyeshadow as £15 one! Cheeky I think, it should come with basic casing. It’s not like you can say no to the case.

“Would you like a case to put your fragile eyeshadow in?”

“Erm – well, yes”

Anyway here’s my mini haul – I had to be diciplined as I have an amazing stash coming from the UK (thanks to Muse!) and hope to pick up a few of the MAC goodies once launched in the UK.

I bought the case for two eyeshadows – £8!!!! That makes the cost of my eyeshadows £16 rather than £12. They also don’t do larger cases like how Shu Uemura do so you can just load them up.

So I am going to try and find an eyeshadow because I can see a few more that I would like especially the jelly eyes but I hate having 10 palettes here and there.

BTW, RMK offer a loyalty scheme. For every £20 you get a stamp, collect 6 and get a free gift.

To be honest, I have got a free gift a few times now and it tends to be a nail polish and I’m not much of a polish girl so meh, someone can have it for Christmas!!!

Oh I picked up a Chanel Gloss too whilst I was out:

I read on MUA that Big Bang and three other shades are Ltd Edition so I went searching online all over for it! but it turns out that in the UK, Big Bang, Astral, Constellation and Sideral are all PERMANENT.

Woo-hoo! So no need to rush buying them but I just could not resist Big Bang – the glitters are stunning and the shade is a transparenty – red – peachy – holographic look. It’s just pretty! Know the gorgeous advert for Chanel with the girl with a pearl in the lips? Apparently it was Big Bang she wore….sighhh….

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  1. Anonymous says

    I also went to a RMK makeover today eheheh they did something different from what I usually get at makeovers, focused on a perfect skin (couldn’t resist getting the creamy foundation and the fruit barrier cream), palyed up my eyes just with mascara (the w mascara is so amazing, I was not expecting this) and did fresh cheeks and deep lips. Absolutely loved it! May I ask where is your counter? I go to the one in Selfridges London and they don’t have a loyalty card, although they are usually nice with samples and I always get a GWP. Oh… and I do agree with your comment on the eyeshadows, I have to check if they fit in the Shu palettes. By the way I really enjoy your blog! Ana :-)

  2. RF says

    Hey Ana!

    Thanks for commenting! I went to RMK in Manchester, Trafford Centre (my local counter!).

    Creamy Foundation is AMAZING isn’t it?! It’s not cheap at £30 but it really is divine. Because I was late I didn’t get the base make up done, but it wasn’t too bad because I already use their primer & foundation!

    I was thinking that Aveda may make suitable empty palettes – only £11 for one that fits 8 pans so that could be a good alternative.

    I got a goody bag today too! Of samples! I have so many samples I could open a sample shop!!!

    :) RF