RMK Haul

I know, too many hauls but check this out:

I’ve been looking for a sparkly, shimmery white sheen for the lips:

This is RMK Irresistible lips C in no. 5 Shiny White. It is colourless but has lots of sparkles and a light sheen – it can be used of course on top of a lipcolour or on its own. Lipstick C from RMK is one of my favourite lip textures ever.

I also got RMK Metallic Powder Eyes in EX02:

This one is supposed to be LE although my local counter still had a few. It’s a dark, smokey khaki green charcoal with tons of sparkle – lovely! I put it into my RMK collection palette:

This has a combination of jelly eyes and metallic powder eyes. Come to tink of it, each jelly eyes has a corresponding metallic powder eyes – so they work well together.

The palette is from Aveda – RMK charge you for the packaging and cases so if you are buying a few or collecting them, the Aveda is much better value.

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  1. hi! the sparkly lipstick is superb!!! It looks so pretty on swatch! I’m sure it looks great top on ANY lipcolor!!!

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