RMK Facial and Haul

Went to RMK for a facial – good value at £10 and you get to redeem the amount. It was nice but I have about 20 spots that have appeared now. Grrrr.

Here was my haul:

Mix Cheeks in Orange

I don’t any of the mix cheeks, but this one stood out in a mile because I love orange/peach. When mixed its a nice peach shade, but I like the idea of using the brown on its own so I can shade.

Watery Eyes in 01 (A white shimmer):

I LOVE watery eyes. It’s the best liquid eyeshadow out there, far superior to Chanel’s water eyeshadow. RMK’s is pigmented, dries quickly and lasts all day. I have this in a Khaki, blue, peach and lilac – was never interested in 01 White untill I saw it on – perfect highlighter and base for my cool toned shadows.

Lipstick in Nude Beige from the 80s colletion:

RMK Lipstick C is probably my favourite lipstick texture, so a perfect nude is a must. It has that milky tea look, that Japanese gals are so fond of.


Creamy Cheeks 02 in Pale Pink.

Crap Photo, but its a beautiful, very pale pink highlighter.

Jelly Eyes EX02 – a metallic plum:

Free eye mask, 2 Jelly sheet masks and samples:

I know, how spoilt am I?! RMK have an excellent loyalty system, for every £20 you spend you get a stamp. They have a box of goodies you can choose from, usually a gloss or eye pencil, or lipgloss/lipstick. More counters should have this, for sure – some of us girls spend so much it’s nice to have a treat now and again!

In this case I didn’t have a card, I just hinted that I deserved a freebie for being a good customer!

Back on the 13th as the RMK Christmas palette is released then!

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  1. vera says

    O nice hauls! I like the cheek palette and the lipstick a lot. Where do you get RMK stuff online??
    Where are they sold in the US?

  2. Row says

    Hey Vera

    I am lucky enough to have a RMK counter near me but they are quite rare. In the US I don’t think they have any counters. you can buy online from http://www.ichibankao.com – but with the exchange rate you are paying a few pounds more than retail. You can also buy on eBay, and you can buy odd items from http://www.facial-shop.com where the prices are usually very fair so you can get some bargains but as the lady only tends to have a few of each item you have to be quick!