RMK Eyeshadows in Aveda Palette!

Since it is nearly 2008 and I am hoping for an organised year, I bought a nifty little 6 tray set to keep my make up truly organised –

£9.99 from Bargain store Wilkos! Plastic is good so I can wipe clean, and it is light, and the trays are wide but shallow so no rummagin around.

Whilst I was on the path or organisation, I decided my beautiful RMK shadows were not getting enough attention. I tend to use Palettes more since everything is there on show rather than opening lots of different pots. Plus, I mentioned previously that RMK sell shadows without a case for £12, and charge £3 for a case….not good when you have a ton of shadows.

So I got this Aveda Palette (in large) for £13.50.

It comes with a guide inside and some empty tin pans – I have NO idea why because its not like you can remove a shadow from its pan but nevertheless, I like it since I am a newly formed pigment pressing addict!

Then here are the shadows I have been lemming for a while. Christmas gifts, of course!

Metallic Powder Eyes & Jelly Eyes:

RMK pans are Aluminum, so they won’t stick to the magnetic base in the Aveda Palette, but they come with a gloopy glue so it is easy to stick (Shu Palettes don’t always come with enough glue underneath).

A note about sizing. RMK shadows are BIG – much bigger than Aveda Shadows, Bigger than Shu Uemura, bigger than Trish McEvoy…shouldn’t complain, but that does make it a little awkward. Thank goodness I got the large Aveda Palette and not the medium. For example, this palette would fit 16 Aveda Shadows, but it only fit 9 RMK ones. I tried moving them around and squishing but there no way I can get another pan in there.

Nevertheless I think they fit quite nicely. I figured you can also fit in the four free pans, and press some pigments, or melt some lipsticks to put into the palette so you have a bit of everything.

The Jelly Eyes are amazing, of a gorgeous texture and do NOT crease.

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