RMK Curl Separate Mascara

Now, now RMK, didn’t L’oreal get told off using false eyelashes and advertising it as the magic of Mascara?

I can’t read Chinese so I can’t tell you what the blurb I was sent in the email says, I was just captivated by the photograph. I have tried the RMK W dual ended Mascara before, and like the results, but being waterproof, they were a little crusty when dry and it was hard to get off.

It was also £21 which is more than Faux Cils, and I get a bit of Bling with YSL!

Nevertheless I am going to the event in a weeks time, and since it if focused on the new Mascara alone, I expect it to be just like that photo. Yes, even with my stubby lashes!

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