RMK Concealer Basic Liquid

RMK make some of the base products out there – their creamy foundation is one of the few things I have actually finished. I also have their powder, concealers and liquid foundation.

Their basic concealer is an EXCELLENT concealer. It comes in a palette with a basic powder you have to buy separately – I bought mine yonks ago and it was quite expensive at the time, about £32 (you have to buy the palette, the powder and concealer).

cc_b-item-pic.jpg (JPEG Image, 391x308 pixels).jpg

It’s a great concealer though – very thick, very sticky and is OPAQUE. It is a concealer in the truest sense of the word – HOWEVER, it’s not good for under the eyes – its far too thick.

So newly released, in comes RMK’s Super Basic Concealer….liquid! (there is also a palette version with 2 shades of concealer and a small powder).


It comes in a pen form like a lot of other liquid concealers. It isn’t exclusively for under the eyes, but, if the palette concealer already works well on the face, this liquid version should work well under the peepers.


I got shade 02 – which thinking about it now is a little dark. There are a few shades to choose from – 02 is good for my face but a little warm under the eyes.

Beauty Anonymous_ RMK New Base Makeup Releases.jpg

Tired, emotional morning eye:


With some concealer:


RMK’s Super Liquid Basic Concealer also has SPF 28 which is excellent – sunscreen around the eyes will prevent crows feet and nasty wrinkles.

So what do I think of the liquid concealer?

It’s very good, like all of RMK’s base range (which by the way is quite a pricey range to buy but well worth it). It’s thicker than other liquid concealers in this type – it isn’t like Touche Eclat or illuminating type concealers, this is very much a liquid version of the basic concealer, so its still quite opaque.

Having said that it didn’t settle into fine lines around my eyes and concealed well and most of all, stayed put for pretty much the whole day. I wasn’t madly excited by the packaging – its a simple silver tube, but nothing wrong with it either.

If you want a simple, high quality concealer that just works this is a pretty good bet. I will use this along with the basic concealer and also as a quick touch up pen (I might get a lighter shade for under the eyes and keep this one 02 for the face).

I am reviewing the new powder foundation too (I snagged it from eBay!) It’s superrrrrrr nice!

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