RMK Christmas Palette

The RMK Christmas Palette 2008 is released tomorrow in the UK.

It is 9,500 Yen, which according to my XE coverter makes it an eye watering £68? Surely not? I can’t imagine many people will plonk down £70 for a palette, gift or not. I am thinking more like the £50 mark, which is still fairly steep, but you do get:

1) Mini Separate and Curl Masca
2) Lipgloss
3) Quad shadow and sponges
4) Duo Blush
5) No colour Powder

I’ve seen the mini gold compact it comes in and it does look nice despite looking like a £1 purse from Mark One (you’ll know what I mean if you are in the UK). It’s missing a concealer though and an eyeliner pencil (that’s if I’m being realllyyyyyy fussy).

Apparently these are two looks that can be created from this kit:

I presume in the last pic that is the brown shadow wetted and applied to make it look like a dark liner.

Yes, yes very pretty. I am going for the make over on Friday and to be honest, I would rather spend on this than the Armani Crystal Compact which is also very expensive but is dull dull dull.

I’m getting bored of Xmas collections already. Is there anything else I should know about girls?!

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  1. Li says

    Aaah and I found my lush RMK lipgloss the other day, it’s Gloss Lips in 03 Clear Berry, it’s a lovely fresh, french ingenue kinda colour and really glossy. Great

  2. Row says

    Hi Li

    I have a few of the RMK glosses but a lot of them have been discontinued. I tested one last week which was white with a pink pearl – gorge! Must buy one before its discountinued too.

  3. Row says

    Hi Jenni

    Where are you in the world? RMK is sold in Asian locations and in the UK. It isn’t sold in the US although you can buy from ichibankao.com, facial-shop.com and eBay.

  4. Zereen says

    Hi Rowena!
    Where can you but RMK in Manchester and how do the foundations and concealers compare to Nars? I need a reaaly good concealer and I hate foundations and concealers looking like makeup!!

  5. Row says

    Hi Zereen!

    Trafford Centre Selfridges is where RMK is. Now, the RMK foundation is known as one of the best in Japan – its creamy and very blendable. I do love my RMK foundation I have to say – there is liquid and creamy which is good if you have dry skin. It feels light and looks like skin? The RMK concealer is excellent, better than NARS but very thick. Impossible under the eyes, but amazing on blemishes.

    Leena said you are the same foundation shade as me? So I use 104 in RMK but I think they do a 105 too. I say, go in and try it because I love RMK base very very much. You have to check out the lipstick C too the texture is amazing!

  6. Zereen says

    Thanks Rowena – I’ll go next time I’m there. Do you recommend any mua in particular? Also I’m after a really good undereye concealer?

  7. Row says

    Hi Zereen

    Oh gosh let me think – what textures do you like? I personally like quite a liquid and luminating finish to an under eye concealer. NARS have a dual ended thing which isn’t very good though. I am a concealer addict!

    I don’t like Touche Eclat YSL cos the brush gets really stinky. Oooh oooh I know. An amazing concealer is Cle De Peau’s. I use it in Ochre – It’s about £40 so not cheap but it’s pretty damn amazing and it works all over, eyes, cheeks etc.

    You can buy it from StrawberryNet or Adambeauty.

    Also, at RMK get Yoshi. She’s doesn’t have the artistic finesse of Leena, BUT she’s very cute and tends to do more of a fresh, open eyed look. x

  8. Ana Marta says

    Hi Row, I got a small card from RMK with the photos of this palette and the price stamped there was only £39!!! Is it possible that it costs less in the UK than anywhere else in the world? That woudl be a first :-) Do post if you get,can’t wait to see it in real life!

  9. Row says

    Hey Ana Marta

    Hurrah! £39 is very reasonable indeed. Considering the kit is seeling for $125 on Ichibankao. Will report back tomorrow, am looking forward to it! :)