RMK Base Products; Smoothing Stick, Super Basic Concealer, Creamy Polished Base, UV Powder Foundation

RMK is one of my top 5 beauty brands although I must admit in recent years, I haven’t used the range as much as I’d like, although their creamy foundation is always in my ‘current’ use box – it’s a spectacular foundation for normal/dry skin types.  

As I’ve not used any RMK for a little while, I haven’t been up to date with new releases; so here I have a selection of their base products, some very new, some just a little old to review.   As always, RMK comes in a shiny silver box which is embossed with words like ‘Choose Me’ all over. It’s unusual and makes the brand stand out from others that come in a plain box. 

Anyway – we’re not here for the box! 

RMK Base Products Primer Foundation Concealer

I have the: Smoothing Stick,  Super Basic Concealer, Creamy Polished Base, UV Powder Foundation.  I will review each in detail below!

The look of RMK products is very simple and clean in matte or shiny silver (such as the blush).  The concealer palette here and foundation is in a matte silver and I wonder if this is a conscious choice, because I don’t know about you, but when I am applying base I use my fingers so get it all over my compact. It’s much easier to clean a matte palette than a shiny one. 

The feel is quite European – from the packaging I wouldn’t guess that it’s a Japanese brand.

RMK Base Products Smoothing Stick Super Basic Concealer Creamy Polished Base UV Powder Foundation

So I am reviewing in the order of use.  I started with:

1. RMK Smoothing Stick.

This smoothing stick is used to smooth out the texture of your skin with a gel texture. It’s good for shiny areas, pores and bumpy bits.  It has a SPF14. 

This stick is like any foundation stick and the product is quite a smooth texture, easy to apply and blend. As soon as you apply it with little effort it disappears into the skin filling in pores and covering shiny areas.  I would say it gives good pore control it doesn’t completely hide them like some pore concealers I have – but the ones I have that to totally cover pores are heavy and thick, this feels light and comfortable to use. 

Focus on RMK Base Products Smoothing Stick

It looks like a light beige but it is transparent when applied. Any skin tone can use this, I think. (That reminds me – I bought some RMK foundation sticks recently and noticed they now have 2 shades for darker skin tones which is great news). 

You can see the area below where I applied it – it leaves like a thin barrier and fills in little lines. This should be used on target areas not all over – we have the primer for that! I left the bits on the side only so you can make out where I swiped it – these extra bits came off and you can easy blend them into the skin – no wasting!

At first I wondered if this would be another unnecessary step – if I wanted a perfect face I would use this, I would also use it if I needed my make up to last all day (such as in hot weather). It isn’t troublesome to use to be fair. I would say is has a solid gel texture that feels quite silcone-y when applied.  This costs £20. 

Focus on RMK Base Products Smoothing Stick C

2. RMK Creamy Polished Base EX-02 

After the stick I applied their Creamy Polished Base in 02.  There is also a base called Control Colour UV. The primer you use depends on the foundation you prefer…if I was using the Creamy Foundation I would use the Control Colour.  As I am using RMK’s new powder foundation, I am using the Creamy Polished Base, which provides a nice bouncy soft surface for the foundation to sit on. 

Creamy Polished Base

EX-02 is a beige with a peach edge. It smooths and hydrates the skin, making it more even and also controls colour such as redness.  

This primer is quite a sheer finish base, with a moist, jelly like texture.  Once blended in it’s barely noticeable on the skin other than toning down the redness and making the skin look quite bouncy. It works VERY well with the new powder foundation which can look cakey on dry skin like mine.  This makes the skin very glowy – my dry skin appreciates it, but I am not sure how oily skin would like this.  

Creamy Polished Base 1

3. RMK Super Basic Concealer Pact in 02

I did some concealing after primer as I am using a powder foundation and don’t fancy adding this on top.  

I have the old style RMK Concealer palette and I have always said that RMK’s concealer is HEAVY DUTY, is a TRUE concealer because it is dense, it is thick and it will cover anything. It reminds me Laura Mercier’s Secret Camoflague, loved my so many, but it has a nicer texture because its not too dry and is spreadable. 

The difference between this concealer pact and the older one which I owned for a long time (And still it didn’t run out), is the texture is better, easier to apply, and it doesn’t need as much warming up.  Therefore the old version needed to be mixed with some moisturiser to use under the eyes, this once can be used under the eyes if you need some heavy duty coverage. 

 Super Basic Concealer

You get 2 shades in this pact, a setting powder and two brushes.  The small synthetic is for the concealer and the fluffy brush is to use with the powder to set it. It is transparent enough to set concealer on the face or under the eye. 

I used this concealer to dab over different problems I have on the face, like freckles.  I found the finger worked better than the brush although it’s less hygienic (only me using this palette anyway!).  

I do love this concealer palette – it covers everything and it one of those palettes that will last a long time.  If your skin is blemish free then you may not need something so high in coverage.

4. RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer in EX-03 Blue. 

If you generally prefer a lighter textured concealer, RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer (also comes in skin tones) is excellent and also it’s easy to carry around and use.  

EX-03 Blue is for correcting redness such as around the nose or on the cheeks.  

Super Basic Liquid ConcealerSuper Basic Liquid Concealer

Don’t worry – it doesn’t actually look blue because it has a translucent finish. At first I thought – this is not doing anything – but after applying my base it doesn’t take long for my red areas (top of my cheeks, around my nose) to appear and with this concealer underneath, the redness was definitely ‘controlled’ for longer. 

Swatch:Super Basic Liquid Concealer

It seems like yet another step but if redness is a concern for you this concealer is really interesting and a much nicer alternative to those green concealers out there.  I have NEVER used a green concealer I’ve liked much (APART FROM Armani’s green liquid concealer, which is fab) but this blue one just doesn’t look blue or weird. 

5. RMK UV Powder Foundation in 104

Powder foundation is VERY popular with Japanese brands, more so than compact cream products, due to the climate in Asia, where ladies require the oil and sweat control.  Over in the UK, we don’t really suffer from the same humidity issues so powder foundation is less common.  I always love the idea of a powder foundation, it’s like a 2 in 1 but many make my skin feel dry. 

I tried this RMK UV Powder Foundation because it’s the newest release. There are two textures in this powder supposedly, matte and pearl, and it gives a finish s good as a liquid foundation. I have shade 104. 

RMK UV Powder Foundation

RMK Foundation I love generally. I am usually shade 103 in winter, 104 in summer.  I chose 104 of this foundation, but when applied I felt it was a bit dark. However, this base applies very nicely and can be easily blended (it’s not like some powders that cling once you’ve dabbed it on, it’s very ‘spreadable’ if that makes sense? despite being a powder). 

So, once blended in I was happy with shade 104 which is good for a NC 30-35 skin tone. It’s quite obviously yellow based by the way.

Anyway – here is everything applied on my face – this make up photographs extremely well and makes my skin look smooth, even and glowy (even though it doesn’t look like that in real life!).  I also think the base is very long lasting and the primer and foundation combination works well together and makes the base glide on. 

On my skin:RMK Base Products Smoothing Stick Super Basic Concealer Creamy Polished Base UV Powder Foundation 1

Altogether it took me about 10 minutes to do the base – it’s quick, stick, primer all over, conceal and foundation.  If I were to speed it up further, I would use just the primer, concealer palette and foundation (I also noticed the concealer was fine to use over the powder foundation).  
Typically RMK, the base products are very good. There are some products here which are quite specialised and not everyone will need but if you have that concern (oily spots or pores – use the smoothing stick, redness – use the blue concealer) then it’s worth investing. It takes me a year or so to use up a foundation the products last ages. 
RMK is sold online at BeautyBay, Selfridges and of course there are counters in various Selfridges around the country.  
*PR Samples
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