5 Days of Lashes: No. 3 Rimmel Max Curves Mascara Review

Superdrug had a 3 for 2 so I bought this Rimmer Max Curves mascara, their newest one to try.

Check out how much tape my local Superdrug puts around it’s beauty products. We get it – you don’t trust us! But really, a security take, bits of paper and three layers of sellotape is a bit too much.


After many minutes of picking and cutting I manage to get to the tube.

Here it is! I love green things. I guess I could buy any mascara that comes in a green tube.
So here we go again, a mascara that promises to give the maximum curves. I used to think a curvy brush meant curvy lashes but this is not at all the case. I find comb mascaras better for this kind of thing to be honest.


The brush is curved and quite chubby. A bit fiddly for lashes like mine.

The formula is a deep black, it doesn’t flake and makes the lashes look quite healthy.


But Max Curves – nah. it was ok, but my curl still flopped a little. It’s a nice deep black though and it adds a decent amount of volume but it’s still nothing special. Also why do these mascaras cost so much money? This was about £7.



It’s not awful, it’s not great either and it didn’t give me max curves despite what Lily Cole says.

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  1. Stephanie Cummins says

    mmm havent tried this yet!! it doesnt appeal to me like the lash accelerator one did!!