Rimmel Forever Shape Mascara Review – Perfect for Asian Lashes!

I didn’t want to throw this Rimmel Masacara out without doing a quick review, because it does deserve one. 

I’ve had Rimmel’s Forever Shape mascara for some time now – this beauty is a Japan only product (Rimmel Japan has a number of exclusive products and lines) and it is a brilliant mascara for girls with straight lashes like me.  I don’t call many mascaras brilliant, you may have noticed…

Rimmel Forever Shape Mascara Review

The spokesperson for Rimmel Japan is Ayumi Hamasaki, no less.

Rimmel UK doesn’t excite me particularly, although I think they aren’t bad at bringing out innovate new make up.  Rimmel Japan is a bit more interesting but I have so far found their blush and eyeshadow formula’s somewhat sheer and uninteresting. 

Forever Shape mascara cames in two versions, Super Long and Full Volume – I have Super Long.  Next time, I want both so I can layer them.  

The mascara has a polymer that makes it hold curl for up to 12 hours, and it contains fibers for that extra long look.

I think this mascara is fab – I have the lengthening version and it does definitely add on lots of length and can be layered with no droop.  It holds curl wonderfully no matter how many layers I put on.  The brush isn’t too big and has a slight curl to it:

Rimmel Forever Shape Mascara Review 1

The shape is perfect for my eye shape, which is a little flat – the slight curl fits well.

It is a little tricky to remove as will all mascaras that truly hold curl, but it’s not ridiculously hard – you do need a decent eye make up remover though (like a dual phase one).  

These photos are of the mascara as it’s ready for the bin – I have had my use out of it, trust me! When it was new, it was even better than this and was more effective. 

Rimmel Forever Shape Mascara Review 2

Even with eye make up on I think the lashes still stand out well.

This mascara adds length really well especially when there are a few layers on – there is very little volume going on however;

Rimmel Forever Shape Mascara Review 3

The worst thing about this mascara is that it is a Japan only product so it’s hard to get hold of – I can’t even find anyone on eBay selling this for x10000000 of the price.  So you need a handy friend in Japan who can ship you one of these beauties over!

This is a great mascara for people with straight, none curl co-operative lashes, for sure!

Do you like Rimmel products? I like Sexy Curves mascara too!

*This cost me around £8 and a kind friend helped me purchase it

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