Revlon Suede Rhapsody Collection by Gucci Westman for Autumn/Winter 2010

Revlon’s collection for Autumn/Winter is Suede Rhapsody Collection is by Gucci Westman and I have the eye quad, Silver Fox and two of the matte lipsticks to show you!

The quad, I have to say screamed at me – I LOVE my green and grey combo palettes – I love any palette with a stand out green! The two lip shades are matte and quite neutral to go with the bright eye.


The quad is a mixture of grey, green, white and a deep plum:


Does it remind you of a fox? I guess….maybe? I love the combination anyway…


The pigmentation and formula is decent – it has a light shimmer to it, and it’s certainly soft although some of the shades (like the green and grey) aren’t as vivid as I like. Used wet, it packs more punch.

On the eye:


White on the browbone, green in the creese, plum underneath and a bit of grey above the green. God I love my lash perm although I must admit, they’re a bit frazzled.

The matte lipsticks also looked very promising.

The Smoked Peach looks just like that – a peach which has been under a lighter (that’s how my mind works!) and the pink isn’t very stormy but it looks very wearable!


Excuse the bumps on my hand – I got prickly heat whilst on holiday and it’s taken 12 days just for the bumps to go down.


I always worry about mattes; my lips are easily dry and mattes can make things worse.

I’d say this formula is medium creamy, medium to full in terms of coverage and well pigmented. It’s not Rouge Volupte in terms of creamy but it’s decent. Reminds me of Nars’s Semi Matte formula (but a little less drying):


It looks like I’m wearing lip liner, I’m not, my mouth does that if I’ve eaten something spicy, hehe.

Face, focus:


I LOVE peaches and I do like this lipstick although I’m not sure if it’s a tad pale for me.

Stormy pink looks like a cute bubblegum matte pink. This made my lips look a little dry – hydrate hydrate hydrate girls! (I should be lecturing myself..hmmm…):


Argh I’m so fussy, but I think there’s a bit too much blue in this pink for me, I’d like it more yellow based or candy like, this shade on me borders on lavender which I don’t like, it reminds me of severed Barbie heads.
HOWEVER, I think this is a seriously cute shade for fairer blondes.


The Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad is £7.99 and the lipsticks are £7.29 each.

Overall this collection is fun, I like that the shades are a little different from the obvious and there is definitely repeat wear in the products although I probably would wear a beige nude with the shadow and the lipstick with a different eye quad.

What do you think of this collection?

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  1. Kitty says

    OOOOoooo lovely colours on that quad!! I love the colour on the lipstick the pink one, I might purchase these!!

    Kitty x