Revlon Custom Creations Foundation

Jessica Alba has just assaulted my TV, showing off her new Revlon Foundation, Custom Creations which has a dial that lets you choose a colour. I haven’t looked for this foundation in the shops yet but since they are advertising it, it should be out…

It’s $13.99 so I am guessing it will be around £13 in the UK.

You choose a base colour of – Fair/Light, Light, Light/Medium, Medium, Medium/Deep and Deep.

It reminds me of the Model’s Prefer Dial a Foundation – I can’t find a picture of it but it came in this hideous big plastic container with a dial on the front that let you choose your shade. It was a disgusting oily texture and the shades weren’t great either. Yukky.

Anyway, I am intrigued by this so I’ll probably get one to try.

And just to rub it in, Alba-beyatch says “This is mine, get your own”. I have to pay for mine, did you Jessica?! Did you?! Let’s face it, you probably use La Mer or Chantecaille, so shut your pie hole!

UPDATE: You can get this from Boots, its £13.99 currently reduced to £9.99 as an introductory price!

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  1. Gabbygirl says

    i love your reviews. i have bought several things. especially NARS on your recommendations. i also like your witty comments about the spokesperson. namely Jessica Alba in this case. Keep up the great reviews. so fun. :-)

  2. says

    The first time I saw this, it was a magazine AD and I got up to bed and went up to and read a lot of rants about goodbye Jessica Alba :) You’re not going to tempt me no more

  3. Zereen says

    Hi Rowena!
    Somehow I see Revlon makeup as very middle aged! Bearing in mind I’ve just turned 40, wearing Revlon would feel like I’ve thrown the beauty towel in!!
    About foundations, have you tried Armani LSF? It’s fab as is Nars new firming foundation that the brilliant Leena introduced to me.

  4. Row says

    Hi Nikki!

    Did you like it? I went to the shop yesterday to try medium and it looked a bit pinky to me anywa I tested the shades dont you think there was a tiny tiny tiny bit of difference in the shades? However the texture was quite nice!

  5. Row says

    Hey Zereen! Hey 40 isnt middle aged! I know what you mean, I find Revlon quite depressing and havent bought anything from them for yonks. I havent been to the Nars counter so havent tried the new foundation but I saw it on the website!!!!!!!!! tempting! esp as Oil free is feeling a bit try on me nowadays.

    I havent tried Armani LSF but I do have face fabric which is DIVINE. You need a good brush to apply it with though, (thats how they told me to apply it) which is all well and good but it also uses a lot of product. But its *really* nice :)

  6. Zereen says

    I have face fabric too which I love for the day. If you get a chance try the LSF especially mixed with one of their Fluid Sheers – lovely. Mkes me look a whole year younger!!!!!

  7. Gabbygirl says

    i bought the whole fall collection, i actually have the kyoto pencil on my “to get next” list. i bought some of the colours from that palette you reviewed. the one with night clubbing eyeshadow in it. oh and countless other things. i am going happily broke on your great recommendations. woo hoo. :-)

  8. says

    Anyone know where to find the ad that has her? Or the script of the ad… I just saw this on TV just now and I need it for something.
    LOL @ your post! I like it.

  9. says

    They actually took it down on youtube… TOS violation. Bummer.
    HAHAHA I could NEVER be a Jessica Alba double. Too short!

    • Row says

      Hey Abby

      Damn! Youtube are being really strict :(

      JA ain’t that tall she looks like an evil little chipmunk!

  10. says

    Hi Row! I know a couple of months ago, I said I’m not interested with this anymore, but i came across getting to know a makeup artist and I took a glance at her traincase and poof! 5 Revlon’s Custom Creations! I’ve used it once on a client and with a nice setting powder, the finish is quite good, Now i”m lemming for it again! :( I’ll probably purchase it after I got the chance to go a drugstore ! Later or within the week…