Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

I am so utterly obsessed with Illamasqua that I am in danger to getting bored of the brand before I even get started with it.  I can’t look at another brand, I can’t comprehend spending on anything else untill I own every damn shade in their range. I stare at the colours on the website dreamily, imagining which combinations I should own.  But never fear…my favourite Make up artist in the whole wide world is leaving her cubby hole at Nars and going to Illamasqua!  How amazing is the timing?!  She will own it, and then some.

The year of the Ox is proving to be a productive, if not a slightly insane year so far for me.  Every year most people say they will do something to make a change, but then life gets in the way.  Not this time! I am on a new mantra of dedication, hardwork and discovering new things.  Henceforth, expect lots of new reviews, new things and the same old moaning on Cosmetic Candy.

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