Reviewer Required: Bump Its Hair Volumizer

Ok ladies, I need a tester for a pack of three BUMPITS:


I have it in the dark brown/black variation.

Would love the tester to provide some snaps of how this worked for them!

See vid, comment if you would like to try it:

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  1. Missloaf says:

    I’ll give them a go for you – been wanting to try them for a while, to see if they make a difference in my eternal quest for bigger hair! Should have been born a bit earlier so I could have been around for the huge hair of the 1980’s…

  2. Missloaf says:

    I’m full of failure today, I really am. Should have added this to the last comment. Makeup from the blog sale arrived on Saturday but I only knew about it today due to being out of town – all fantastic, and the sweets were much appreciated! Thanks again =]

  3. Kirsten T says:

    looks cool… I want the kind of hair in the movie Hairspray..

  4. Mu CHeng says:

    Bumpits- i read that as bum-pits, lols
    i have doubts as to how it stays in the hair

  5. Harpreet says:

    Ooh i would love to try this out for you! im always back combing my hair, hopefully this would do a better job!

  6. Mary Joyce says:

    Would love to try this and give a review. After i had my silicone rebond, my hair lost all of its volume, thus my hair is really straight now.

  7. i’d love to try this for you…but i’m from the Philippines, shipping could cost a lot… 😀

  8. ooo I love the sound of this: volume without teasing? I am not quite sure yet on how I would take a picture myself of my head with this thing in. I suppose I could ask the neighbour or the londis man to take it?

  9. Stephy says:

    I would love to try this! My hair’s black and although I have a lot of hair, it’s still plain flat. @.@

  10. candace says:

    i have the blonde ones i got last year… i do not like them i was all excited to put them in my hair but my hair isnt very thick. and its layered in the back.

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