Review: Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream looks like Ice Cream!

I have a confession. I rarely use shaving creams, foams or oils when I erm, shave. Why? Its a bit luxurious, innit? Its an extra. Why can’t I just use soap? Why can’t I just use soap and water? Or shower gel? Or body lotion?

Its the same reason that I don’t buy chicken breasts (My mother would disapprove at me spending £6 on 2 chicken boobs when I could just get meat on the bone for £3…tut).

However, I was sent this rather snazzy looking shaving cream to try from a brand I’ve never heard of before – Whish:

whish shave cream.jpg

Cute? Check!

I hate it when something is adorable and then you look at the label and its just full of crappy ingredients. Not so here.

This has no sulfates or parbens.It is DEA and TEA free and contains no petrochemicals. This is a good thing, trust me.

whish shave cream-1.jpg

You can also get it in three flavours, Pomegranate (mine), Almond and Lemongrass.

The texture is very creamy, like whipped buttah:

whish shave cream-2.jpg

How to Use:

1. First, soak skin in a warm bath or shower preparing your skin for the moisturizing, soothing, and indulgent experience.

2. Swirl a quarter size dollop of your favorite Shave Crave (size of a dime for underarm and bikini) to damp skin with fingertips or with the Whish Body Brush (see below).

3. Always apply the cream in a circular motion, causing the hair follicle to rise. When the water mixes with the delicious smelling shave crave a smoothing cream will form.

4. Shave with the grain in smooth long strokes. For an even smoother and closer shave, or if you just love the feeling of shave crave on your skin, re-lather and shave against the grain.

So I use this on my pits and see if it makes a difference from my usual look-for-anything-remotely-foamy routine.

Well it does make a difference. It really does.

The texture:

Whish shaving cream.jpg

The difference was immediate – my skin was really soft afterwards and importantly, not itchy (I have sensitive skin).

The razor glided nicely over the cream and it was a much closer shave than normal. Just nice to use and I can see now, why you have special shaving products. *bows*

You can buy the product here for $24 (massive pump bottle) or here if you are in the UK from here for £16.40.

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