Review: Vanilla Scented Xen-Tan!

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Everywhere I looked (well ok, Selfridges beauty hall) I kept seeing the name Xen-Tan…so of course I had to try it out. The thing with fake tan is that every week there’s a new one…every one making the same old promises.

Not orange. Non streaky. Not smelly. Most lie.

I am not a fake tan fan but I can be persuaded into anything apart from eating liver. Chills, chills.

Xen-Tan say:

XEN-TAN (pronounced ZEN-TAN) the revolutionary new fake tan product range fresh from the USA is a complete breakthrough in self tanning. (Can you pronunce Xen any other way than Zen? Oh I know…Not Ex-En Tan or Zeen Tan (as in Xena, the warrior princess). You dummy.)

Xen-Tan promises:

1. Instant OLIVE colour

2. Moisture

3. No Streaks

4. Nice smell (vanilla)


I think this fake tan is….rather good actually. It smells like vanilla and the shea butter that is present in the tan is obvious in the smell and also the thick buttery texture. I didn’t get any allergic reactions to it which I do sometimes to fake tan.

When the colour developed with was quite a nice brown – not unnatural and has lasted over a week (I only applied it once, didn’t bother layering it). I made of a bit of a mess around my wrists, but that was my own lack of skill (I have the attention span of a doughnut), but no streaks anywhere else – I imagine someone used to fake tan would have zero streaking with this product.

Well…there you go. The one I tried is £23.95 but there are lots of good deals online for less. Its the best fake tan I have tried so far.

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