Review: Twilight Luna Femme Fatale Lip Gloss

It must have been a moment of insanity, but I found myself, a few weeks ago ordering this Luna Twilight Femme Fatale lipgloss from ASOS.

I must state now that I am neither for or against Twilight.

I’ve seen the first Twilight film where I thought Rob Patz was very handsome and the girl in it was mega sulky and in real life would never pull someone as hot as Rob Patz because we all know that’s not how it works, unless her surname is Hewlett-Packard or Rockerfeller.

I also read a bit of the book but then decided to put it down as I had palpitations accompanied by visions of my beloved Edgar Allen Poe spinning in his grave. That’s all I’m saying.

Anyway, that is that and this is this. MAKE UP!

luna twilight femme fatale.jpg

I think this was £15 and there were a few bits and pieces to choose from but decided this Luna gloss was just up my alley. It comes in a pretty box and a very pretty tube. I got Kindle, which looked like a sheer peach with sparkles:

luna twilight lip gloss.jpg

In real life its more sheer than I thought. The peachy-ness is there, but its lacking in pigment a bit:

Twilight Luna Lip gloss.jpg

I love glitter, thats why I picked this particular shade although I must say, its a very chunky glitter…The Twilight range has lots of other colours too – some lipsticks, eyelid primer, body shimmers etc. Nothing else really piqued my interest.

Here is the gloss:

Twilight Luna Lip Gloss-1.jpg

The texture is runnier that I expected. I thought it would be like a MAC Dazzleglass, which I really like, alas – it was more of a runny, thin texture which I am not as fond of. It seemed to have a very mild tingly sensation – that might just be me and my dry lips though!

On the lips:

Luna Twilight Lip Gloss-1.jpg

Gah! I wanted more pigment in the colour. Unfortunately its pretty much sheer which some sparkles in it. Other shades may be nicer though. This is a bit non descript for me, one I can live without for £15.

Twilight Luna Lip Gloss-2.jpg


It’s alright. Wouldn’t buy it in any other shades but its an ok gloss. At least if I ever get myself into a situation where a load of Twi-hards are about to beat me up, I’ll just whip out this gloss and go. “See? See? I’m a Twi-Hard! Please don’t hurt me! Please!’

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  1. says

    I’m a fan, but this gloss sucks! Dun like how translucent it is…not to mention (personally) I don’t like big glitters. And this has huge ones!
    Plus, it looks like an oily film on lips…don’t like that either >..<