Review: Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials

trish mcevoy.jpg

A few days ago I was wild and reckless and ventured into the realm of Trish McEvoy – it was alright really. Like being in a neat freak’s living room and being served Earl Grey from a proper cup.

One of the products I bought was the Eye Base Essentials, a lightweight liquid base that came in size shades. Some are flesh toned, one is bronze, the rest are soft shimmers.

I did the sensible thing and stepped away from glitter and got the Eye Base Essentials in Linen which is good for a medium skintone.

The product comes with a little sponge – its very much a liquid, not a cream but has a slightly oily texture when you first pat it in.

They say:

Just as important as brightening under the eye is brightening and evening out the eyelid. One of Trish’s most iconic products, Eye Base Essentials will instantly give you a vibrant, bright-eyed look with the added benefit of ensuring your shadow crease-proof, all-day wear!

So its a ‘brightener’, a bit like Benefit Lemon Aid I guess, but less yellow and less heavy. It doesn’t call itself a primer as such but as a passionate eyeshadow wearer, this is what it will end up being for me.

trish mcevoy base.jpg

This is a very nice product. It does indeed brighten the area up quickly, removing redness, brown-ness, veins, stains etc. You only need a small amount as it has a lot of ‘slip’. I noticed that if you layer it up, it will crease in the eye fold quite quickly…less is more.

This is not the best photo, my eye looks crusty, but you get the idea:

trish eye basics-1.jpg

Does it work as a primer? Well it did an ok job actually and made my shadow really nice to blend. It’s not heavy duty though, like Too Faced Shadow Insurance or like UDPP but then again it wasn’t made to be.

For day to day wear, its the perfect little brightener and soft prep for shadow methinks.

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