Review: Tangle Teaser

Ok so my Tangle Teaser arrived today.

The kidney shaped brush does not have a handle and needs to be gripped in the palm and has rubbery short bristles. (see below post for info).

It hurt my little finger gripping this – hey, I’m the perfect candidate – very long hair, frizz and hard to brush and I got serious arm ache with it. Did it glide through reducing breakage – well less hairs came out but they did still fall out. It took the same amount of time as with my usual brush, and was just as painful. It feels nice as a scalp massager though.

Seriously though, I have one now and maybe one day it will be an antique but I wouldn’t say it is worth buying unless you have a thing for new inventions.

This cost £8.50 direct from with free shipping.

BTW – I noticed the inventor on Dragons Den tonight (30th Oct 2007). He didn’t get any money.

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  1. justapuppy says

    Thanks for this post, almost bought one – have the same nightmarish hair as you… Will put my cash somewhere else instead!