Review & Swatches: Stargazer Nail Polishes, The Opals

You know I am a nail dunce, right? I am a perfectionist and if my poslish isn’t perfect it comes right off again. So, I was pleased to receive these three polishes from the ‘Opal’ range of Nail Polishes from Stargazer:

Star Gazer Nail Polish

Considering the fact that this is a bargain brand it doesn’t feel cheap. It applies easily too, but then again its also quite sheer to there’s few make up d’oh’s for me.

The polishes seems quite runny – I have always preferred runnier textured polishes because I find them easier to work with and layer.

I used two light coats for all these swatches:

stargazer opal nail polish.jpg

This one is a sheer pearl – it looks quite plain but the micro sparkles are actually blue:

stargazer nail polish-1-1.jpg

Next up is a pink infused with blue sparkles:

Stargazer Opal Nail Polish-1-1.jpg

Once again, sheer but pink enough to show up and it has cool turquoise tones in it. These polishes are really growing on me because they are so easy to wear:

stargazer opal 241.jpg

Finally this one is yellow toned with a slight blue edge in it:

stargazer opal nail polish-2.jpg

On the nail:

stargazer opal nail polish-3.jpg


I wasn’t that excited when I saw these polishes but I really like them now I have tried them on. I do like a pretty, fresh nail with a hint of colour but isn’t too heavy or overbearing to wear day to day.

Its also easy to get off. My coats were sheer so I didn’t notice any chipping for at least 4 days (and I use my nails a lot for everything!). Oh, and I also skipped base and top coats when using this so it lasted that long without any protection, so to speak!

You can buy these here from the Stargazer Site for £2 each. Yeah, £2!

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  1. says

    wow theyve changed! Stargazer nail polishes used to be the brand Goth’s would laugh about for their crappy quality! I like that white with blue shimmer…would look amazing over a black or dark blue.

    • Row says

      Hi Kirsten

      I remember seeing Stargazer in my teens and how gothy it was – at my age I don’t want anything too garish so these are perfect everyday polishes!