Review: Skinfood Rice White Mochi Stick Foundation

Skinfood is a very cute Korean brand with tons and tons of skincare and make up products (plenty have been reviewed on this blog) and I decided to try out one of their base products.

Buying base items online is always somewhat problematic – there’s guarantee it will match but I ordered shade no.2 anyway from eBay. (Korean make up I find, is a little on the light side whereas I am a medium NC35 tone.)

You get the stick with a sponge in this packaging:


They say: This foundation stick containing organic rice extract and olive oil moisturizes and nourishes skin, applying in a thin layer to create a radiant skin tone.


To use: Apply evenly onto face using finger or enclosed puff, spreading from cheeks and forehead. Using enclosed rice white mochi stick, apply to whole face or onto shadowed areas of face (under eyes, sides of nose, or philtrum) for light coverage. (Yes, the philtrum).


The thing is, I am a sucker for convenience. Anything that can be shrunk and carried around in a handbag is good for me.


The foundation is like those lipsticks you get with a moisturizing core. Obviously one has to consider that the centre is going to lighten the foundation even further:


Shade 02 (there were only 2 shades from what I remember) was actually quite dark. A tad tad light for my skin but nothing devastating. It is yellow based. This foundation is pretty creamy to begin with, and when used, it applies easily but there is a problem when it gets blended in – its cakey.


It got cakey after just a few moments of application and it stayed cakey all day. I presumed with the core it would be quite a nice moisturizing foundation but alas no – it just stuck to my dry bits.



Shade was fine, coverage was fine but the texture was just off. I didn’t see any benefit from the special ‘core’ so to speak.


Rating: 1/5

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  1. says

    thanks for the review on this, I have seen Skinfood down here but I haven’t tried anything …so thanks for the review!

  2. diskogal says

    Aww and I was *so* tempted to try this at the beginning of the review, I love rice-based products and this looks so good! But I guess rice can be drying, too bad the moisturizing core didn’t do much…