Review: Skinfood Olive Oil Hair Essence

Since getting my hair cut (more on that experience later) I’ve been determined to treat my extremely dry hair carefully with lots of nourishing treatments, so that if I do grow it again, it won’t be a big massive frizzy hair bomb.

Olive Oil is a wonderful treatment for the hair, but I liked the look of this Skinfood Olive Hair Essence which I saw on eBay (about £8 with shipping).

skinood extra virgin olive oil essence.jpg

The essence is a very thick oil – no messing about or thinking out there, so it goes without saying – apply cautiously. My hair is fine but there’s lots of it so I slathered it on my ends to smooth it out.

skinfood olive hair.jpg

It did everything I thought it would – made my hair softer, glossier – once again, it is heavy so just a small amount is enough. It tamed frizzy ends – I used it before drying once and also when my hair was try – I preferred it before blow drying I think and the result is soft looking hair. You may want to avoid if you are trying to put in curls as this would probably make it drop out a little.


skinfood virgin olive essence.jpg

There aren’t many ingredients in this – some preservatives and good old olive oil and perfume. Made me think – is Olive oil from the rack just as good?

Well, no, because I think normal Olive Oil is great as a leave in treatment, but is too smelly (unless you like smelling like a an french dressing) and too greasy as a blow dry/finishing serum.

This product is nicely perfumed (smells flowery) and is designed to be used as a finishing product.

Verdict: I Likey!

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