Review: Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream

I am still completely determined to find the right BB cream for me. So far all of the ones I have tried are too pale, or give me a rash or don’t last long on my oily skin.

My latest purchase from eBay is this Mushroom BB Cream from Skinfood. I bought it because I had heard this particular range (mushroom) runs a little dark so I got it in shade 02:

bb skinfood mushroom multi cream.jpg

Mushroom on your face? Really?!

If you have read my posts on Skinfood then you will know that they make some pretty unusual products – Beer Cleanser, Garlic Face Cream, Cheese Face Mask, Broccoli Sunscreen – I love it!

Here is the Mushroom BB Cream – its runs a little pinky:

bb cream mushroom skinfood.jpg

Hmmm. I can see already that its going to be too light. As well as being a bit pinky it looks a little ashy on my hand….

bb cream mushroom-1.jpg

By the way, if you are wondering, it doesn’t smell of mushrooms but its not sweet either – if bases could be sweet of savoury, this would definitely be savoury.

The texture itself is ok –its not as oily as some BB creams can be, it feels a bit dry and on closer inspection, clung to dry patches have have.

Before (I have just plucked my brows, hence the red around there!):

bb cream mushroom-2.jpg


bb cream mushroon.jpg

It doesn’t blend as well as I like and I don’t like the pasty look it gives me at all. Its still far too pale for me, so I won’t be using it again – d’oh!

Back of the tube:

bb cream mushroom.jpg

On the plus side, if this suits your skin, its a very generous tube and it does all the things you’d want for smooth, gorgeous skin – spf, anti-ageing qualities, brighter skin etc.

I got this from eBay for about £8 including shipping – there are plenty of sellers. Recommended for oilier, pale skins methinks.

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  1. says

    I’ve been considering getting a BB Cream for some time, but couldn’t find one I liked enough to buy because I’m on the oily side of combination skin and the samples just slipped off my face. Do you think this would match NW15 or should I get the 01?
    Thanks for the review!

  2. mayrei says

    I use Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream and I loooove it. The darker shade (#23) might work for your skintone. I know of at least one blogger that is around NC30 and she uses shade #23.

  3. May says


    I bought some mushroom bb cream whilst I was on holiday in the skinfood shop in Hong Kong. It cost me the equivalent to $46. I bid for one recently on ebay. The bid hasn’t ended yet but I’m getting worried that it might be a fake. I would be grateful if you could tell me which seller you got yours from so I can purchase from your seller in the future!


  4. Ava says

    I think you should try Jadilla J BB Cream No.02 it runs quiet dark. I bought it thinking I would need N. 2 but it was so dark I had to give it away and I am NC15-20. So I think this will be gr8 color. *dont hold me to it though :D* last time I checked ebay had it but not sure about now.

  5. nafiseh mirshafiee says

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Can you explain more for me about the mushroom BB cream ingredients ?
    What kind of mushroom does it use ?Which kind of country made it?
    Yours Sincerely