Banana Mascara Review: Skinfood Long Lash Curl Mascara

When I mentioned this Banana mascara a few days ago, a few people asked “Did you say Banana Mascara?”

Yes I did, and here it is!

banana mascara long lash.jpg

This product is by Skinfood, a Korean brand I am very fond of because they have good products and really interesting food/skincare combos. The Salmon concealer. The Garlic face cream. The Cheese face mask.

3112banana.jpg (JPEG Image, 700x469 pixels).jpg

See how the banana curveeesss? Well that is what this mascara is supposed to do – hold curl add length etc.

Did it perform? Look after the jump!Look I’m holding a Banana! Or a phallic mascara tube!

banana mascara skinfood.jpg

The case is cute right? Worth buying just to have the tube.

The Brush

The brush is pretty standard, medium sized bristle brush with no particular outstanding attributes. Its ok, I have no problems using it, buts its not the main feature.

No, this does not smell of bananas – its a damn shame.

The Texture

This mascara is a nice true black (yes, I know this is unrelated to texture). The texture is quite thick and creamy – almost like L’oreal Voluminous which is quite rich. This worries me because rich mascara = eyelash dysfunction.

Its not a very fibery mascara (good – it irritates my eyes like mad, those pesky fibers) and its just creeeaaammmyyy.

No mascara eye:

skinfood banana mascara .jpg

Yes, yes red eyes. You try living on 3 hours sleep and being harrased by cats – I promise you this leads to red eyes!


This mascara stays put like a lot of Asian mascaras do even if they aren’t labelled as Waterproof or water resistant. No flaking either.

I am actually very impressed with this mascara even though it doesn’t smell of bananas. One coat:

banana mascara skinfood-1.jpg

This mascara is provides excellent length (as promised) and a hint of volume too. Its not too hard to remove, its quite soft looking, not too crispy which I hate.

Its downfall is lash flop. Being a heavier mascara, inevitably my lashes flopped a little. With Shiseido primer its flying but on its own, it needs a bit of work, a bit of wiggle wiggle, push push to get it facing the heavens like the above picture.

Even then, if I was being REALLY fussy, its not exactly boosting curl (mascara’s that do? Integrate (Shiseido) and SANA Big Lash but they are a pain to remove).

skinfood banana mascara.jpg

Here is is again from the side where flop is more evident:

skinfood banana mascara-1.jpg


You know what, despite the minor flopping its still an excellent mascara, the best I have tested for a while. It adds length, volume, is really nice to use and can be thrown at monkeys. Its pretty damn good, quite frankly considering some of the rubbish I have tried out lately.

Rating – 8/10 Bananas.

I bought mine for £8 from eBay, seller – ohmyalice.

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  1. says

    You leave the funniest reviews. I’ll check this out. Skin food is becoming more available but haven’t seen much color cosmetics from them in Tokyo.

  2. Nina says

    The packaging is terribly funny! I honestly haven’t tried any Asian brand of mascara, this would be interesting to try!

  3. says

    They only sell a limited selection of skinfood’s range (just skin care + bb cream) but it is convenient to have nearby.