Review: SKII Lip Repair, Oh-Er Posh Lip Balm!

Like many girls, I am obsessed with lip balm! Its one thing I keep buying more and more of. I try not to spend too much but I can’t help but be tempted – my most expensive purchase to date is a La Mer Balm (gorgeous) for £35.

Since I bought some SKII skincare last month I decided to indulge in the Lip Repair Lip Balm too:

Lip Repair SKII.jpg

I seriously dislike lip balms that are too oily or those that are too thin. I like non greasy, creamy and hydrating balms that don’t interfere too much with lipstick application.

The SKII Lip Repair comes in this box:

SKII Lip Repair.jpg

The secret ‘ingredient’ behind SKII is called Pitera, a yeast ferment filtrate of Sake (Japanese wine).

They Say:

“A Japanese monk visiting a sake brewery noticed that the brewery workers had extraordinarily soft and youthful hands. Even an elderly man with pronounced wrinkles on his face possessed the silky smooth hands of a young boy.

After a series of experiments a team of skincare scientists discovered the secret; a clear, nutrient-rich liquid that could be extracted during the yeast fermentation process. They named the liquid ‘Pitera’, which, over time, has become known as the ‘Secret Key’ to beautiful skin.”

No, you can’t buy a barrel of Sake and bathe in it. That’s just weird.

And there is my Pitera, the first ingredient:

SKII Lip Repair Lip Balm.jpg

The lip balm itself is in a stick form and comes with a little white protective case.
I don’t like these pouches! I have them for Chanel and Dior products, I end up putting them to one side because I can’t stand to throw them away but I don’t have time to ponce about with it:

SKII Lip Repair Lip Balm-1.jpg

I prefer stick lip balms. Love pot ones but its just not very easy to use on the go. Having said that, there’s nothing extraordinary about this SKII packaging – I’d like something snazzy for the price but its just a plain silver tube:

Lip Balm Repair.jpg

The lip balm is clear, silky and soft to use. Its a really nice lip balm – it hydrates right away without being to heavy. It does remind me of the La Mer Lip Balm (but without the scent the La Mer has) – but in stick form!

I am lazy with lip balm even though I have so many and its stupid as I have mega dry lips at this time of year. This is one of those lip balms you can put on and leave alone – I don’t know about you but if the texture of a lip balm isn’t right for me, I end up rubbing my lips until it all disappears….

SKII Lip Repair Lip Balm-2.jpg

Its a fabulous lip balm. I paid about £40 for it but the full retail price could be a little more (SKII is exclusive to Harrods in the UK).

For the price I can’t recommend it to everyone – its a wonderful lip balm and I personally would repurchase because I like how effective but understated it is – but you can get excellent results with other lip balms for a fraction of the price. I just like my products to match…

Expensive Lip Balms – yay or nay?

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  1. says

    Ouch. £40 for a lipbalm? At the rate I go through lipbalm, that would be an expensive lipbalm. I much prefer balms like Blistex, or the Body Shop lip butters. Burts Bees do a lovely minty lipbalm. Plus I lose lipbalms a lot so £40 is a bit much to replace it!

  2. says

    This product contains mineral oil which just sits on top of your skin – it doesn’t get abosorbed. Use Heal My Sole lip balm – all natural ingredients – and it’s only 2.00 per tube! Your lips and wallet will be happy you did!

  3. SusieCue says

    And it has both mineral oil and petrolatum in it, so no thanks, Pitera or no Pitera. Thank you for posting the ingredients :)

    • Row says

      Hi Susie

      Yes naughty that charging so much for a lip balm with cheap ingredients. I do still love this though!