Review: Shu Uemura Painting Gel Liner is for…painting?!

Did I ever tell you that Shu Uemura was my first true make up love and obsession? Without them I would be reading a book now and sipping champagne because I’d be £100000 richer.

Happy to see Shu Uemura’s new liner – the Paining Gel Liner, a long lasting pigment ‘cream’ for the eyes.

The colour is supposed to be waterproof and smudgeproof. Its called a painting liner because it can be used all over for body painting or creative looks (being supposedly waterproof ‘an all).

Painting Gel Eye Liner -  Bergdorf Goodman-1.jpg

The liner comes in the standard black, brown, dark blue, white, bright blue, green, purple, gold and silver. I decided to get gold because I could use it with everything.


The Shu Uemura counter near me is pants because a. they never have any of the new ranges in and b. there’s never anyone there to serve me so I have to drag a very surly woman from Elemis over to help (or sometimes, an equally surly woman from Kiehls).


Let’s start with the Pros, because I’m nice like that!

This gel liner is very soft and very creamy, like the lovely Bobbi Brown Gel Liners. Not hard, not cakey at all. It is also very pigmented and the colour runs very true on the skin. Once it has set it is pretty smudge proof – although waterproof….hmm I’m not convinced.


This particular gold is a sunny, honey type gold very pretty and flattering. My problem with this gel liner is that it takes ages to set. I swiped it on my hand and it took a good while to set properly. I left it a few minutes and felt it and it had turned into a smudge….not good. Slightly impractical if it is on your eyelids and you have to keep your eyes closed whilst it sets.


It is a nice product – but then again there are lots of beautiful gel liners out there that work well. It’s nice and creamy I guess, I would try out the other interesting colours in their package like the green and bright blue.

Cosmetic Candy Rating:

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  1. It can be used as body paint? I want some.

    • Hi Abby

      I wouldn’t use this as a body paint, its too expensive to use all over (I’d say Kryolan or one of the proper body art companies would make something more cost effective) but you could use it as an embellishment?

  2. hmmm Shu Uemura is my cosmetic candy as well haha
    it’s a very pretty gold!

    • Hey Elle

      it is! its the perfect type of gold, not too dirty, not too yellow 😀

  3. wow i am also a fan of shue uemura but i dont like spending too much while knowing that there are other brands out there that is less expensive, but as i said i am a fan no matter what cosmetics i tried i keep coming back to Shue Uemura.. haha! except for the gel liners cause i am now using bobbi brown and there is no difference with this one..

    • Hi Dior

      I have decided I want to look at Shu again! i got disinterested in them as I own everything already from them! But as I am trying to buy less I have been going back to my old collection!

  4. hi i was just wondering which you prefer the Bobby Brown gel liner or the shu uemura one and why, thanks!, viagra vs levitra vs cialis,