Review: SANA Make Essence Eye and Lip Concealer

If you want the cutest make up around then you need, you absolutely need the range of concealers from SANA Make Essence. I am a big fan of SANA (a Japanese brand) because they release so many interesting little bits and pieces.

SANA Make Essence has three products in its range now – the Eye Concealer (the bear) Pore Concealer (the seal) and now, an Eye and Lip concealer (Mr Croc):

SANA make essence.jpg

I have all three. In a nutshell, I liked the Bear concealer, I wasn’t so sure about the Seal concealer and now….

SANA Concealer make essence.jpg

Awwwww! But its so cute!

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Mr Croc has lines. In a sense this isn’t for your circles, its for those pesky lines around the lips and eyes, and areas of discolouration:

sana concealer.jpg

Cuuuttteeeee! As always it comes in a little squeezy tube:

make essence concealer sana.jpg

The texture of this is light, like a lotion. Its a very pale almost peach coloured item. Hmmmm. The Bear concealer was also light but it worked well for me and my (then) less apparent circles (not for severe dark circles).

But for correcting discolouration this concealer is too light. It works better as a brightener for the skin. A concealer? I don’t think so….

make essence concealer.jpg

I used this under and around my eye. 4 hours of sleep per night I get so excuse the circles. Before –

sana concealer-1.jpg

After –

sana make essence.jpg

Slight, slight brightening. If you have hardcore circles or discolouration forget it. It didn’t work too good around my lips either. But its so cute! Its just too sheer. But its so cute!

As a skin illuminator, I think its pretty ok. As a concealer, Mr Croc, you just don’t cut it. I’m sorry. Don’t look at me like that.

I bought Mr Croc from Adambeauty for about £6 –

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  1. sue says

    Hey Row, I bought this one too! I tested it for the first time today and I have to agree with you, it doesn’t really do anything to conceal the darkness around my eyes. I don’t think it’s brightening either. But I must say, I like the consistency and how fast it absorbed onto my skin. I wish they make eye cream like this! For now, I’m gonna use it as a base and use the bear concealer on top of it.