Review: Pore Minimizer Refining Mask

I have decided to take greater steps to making my skin look better – clearing it of spots, refining the skin, making it brighter more luminous, reducing the appearance of pores etc.

I picked up this Clinique Pore Minimizer Face Mask for £15.50 because I wanted a quick, cleansing treatment.

clinique pore minimizer refining mask.jpg

They say:

The clay-based treatment minimizes the size and appearance of pores, cleans out embedded debris. Deep cleaning formula even goes beyond—clearing pores to help control oil.

I am always cautious using new face masks as my skin is sensitive and goes very red and scaly if I use the wrong type of product. Since this is a clay based mask and contains salicylic acid I was a little bit concerned as to whether I’d be left looking all red and scabby.

clinqiue pore minizer .jpg

The mask itself is very thick, very opaque.

As its applied it tingles….nail biting moment there…and then…nothing.

Thankfully for me, it didn’t give me a rash or make me red or itchy.

I left it on for 10 mins then washed it off:

clinique pore refining-1.jpg


Its not a bad little face mask at all. My favourite face mask (also clay/mud based) is Nars Mud Mask but thats a fairly expensive treat whereas this Clinique one is half the price.

I didn’t have any allergic reactions to it but it does make the skin tingle. Those with sensitive skins should test a bit out first or just apply to the areas that are affected rather than all over.

Afterwards, I felt like my skin was brighter and the overall tone was a bit more refined – yes my pores looked smaller, although I know this result is not permanent. I would still prefer using this mask over using something like an astringent toner that would make the pores shrink but is a little drying.


clinique pore minimzing foundation .jpg
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