Review: Optrex Dew Dazzling Eye Drops

I am obsessed with eye drops, but guess what? I lose them all the time (you can roll your eyes now)…

And since you should throw it away after 30 days (hygiene reasons), I end up with loads of half used eye drops! Something you can use it for? Mixing with pigments to make it stick better. Just an idea.

I have had my eye on these Eyedew by Optrex drops for ages (nice box!) but they were about £4…a bit steep (cheap? Moi?).

Anyway I bought them the other day because I couldn’t find any of the others I own.

Optrex Eye Care Advice_ Eyedew information.jpg

There are two variations – Sparkling (restores brightness) and Dazzling (contains a blue ingredient to make the eyes look whiter).

Its worth noting that these kind of eye drops (whiteners) are not supposed to be used too often.

optrex eye dew dazzling eye drops.jpg

The eye drops we get over hear are pussy cats compared to the Japanese ones (usually by Rohto) I buy. I don’t know what they hell they put in the Rohto ones but it feels Hydrochloric acid (I’d imagine). I rolled on the floor in pain the first time I used one, but then after your like *zing* – bright white eyes and mascara all down your cheeks…

Anyway back to Optrex…These don’t hurt really, I stuck a few drops in my frequently red eyes and it did an ok job. They looks a bit brighter, they felt better.

They aren’t amazing though – I think Visine Anti Redness Drops do a far far better job (I buy this from eBay, its sold in the US).

optrex eye dew eye drops.jpg

Its not a bad-un, it just doesn’t work as well as I hoped.


optrex eye drop.jpg

The best eye lubricant I ever had was from the Eye Hospital – after waiting 7 hours to see a doctor, who said nothing was wrong, the nurse sympathetically gave me some eye drops and some plasters because “It’ll make that long wait feel worth it. Its like pets win prizes on here, no one goes home empty handed.”

And that kids, is why the NHS rocks.

So, tell me – what are your favourite eye drops (if you use them?)

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  1. Kirsten says

    the bottle is really pretty.I think artificial tears are better, you can use it long term without much problem, especially the kinds that come in a single-use ampoule, that way you won’t end up with a bunch of half empty eyedrop mixing medium.
    one eyedrop that is pretty good for take the red out of conjunctivitis is chloramphenicol but it is antibacterial drug and prescription only..

    • Row says

      Hi Kirsten

      I like artificial tears too – at the end of the day, you are putting this stuff in your precious precious eyes! You have to be careful!

  2. says

    I like rhoto lycee (as they have prettier packaging than the ones in US) probably just for the way it looks. I know that there are some Chinese ones called “Pearl eye drop” anyway, they use some pearl (not powder) along with borneol to cool downs…it’s less “chemical” compared to other ones I have tried.

    • Row says

      Hi Citrine

      I have tried the Lycee ones, I noticed when I got my lashes done the lady in question only ever used Lycee – had it imported from Japan!

      I will try to find the pearl eye drops!

  3. says

    Ich liebe gern Rohto Ice! It works like gang-busters on my red, irritated eyes (though it will briefly cause them to redden more before going to work). Apparently, Rohto’s come out with a new version called ‘Rohto Hydra’, but I have yet to try them (though the Greek mythology nerd in me approves of the name) .

    PS: (It’s me, in my new post-stalker guise).

    • Row says

      Hi Lucky

      I want to try them out! I was trying to locate Arctic White (after you mentioned it) but no one could find it for me! I think I prefer the acid of Rohto!

  4. Megan says

    Hahaha, the Rohto-V ones?
    Yeah, I think they have menthol or something in it, so it’s supposed to be like all minty-fresh but in reality it feels like you’re putting some incredibly strong lip plumper (Duwop lip venom :>) on your eyeballs..

  5. Etoile says

    I was hoping to find out how I can get the Optrex Dazzling eyedrops and Sparking eyedrops in the U.S…Can you help me? Thank you!