Review: Nude Skincare Cleansing Facial Oil

Cleansing Oil? Been there done that. Name the brand and I’ve tried it.

I began with Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil many moons ago and went through the various types they have (Green Tea is the nicest) then on to DHC and Fancl, then my current favourite RMK. Inbetween, other brands (many Japanese ones, plus some western brands such as Laura Mercier) decided to join the cleansing oil club. The original idea belongs to Shu Uemura but that doesn’t mean that its the perfect cleansing oil.

Cleansing oils can dry out those with sensitive skin types. I have found this after using them for years, they can eventually exacerbate dryness and some people are sensitive to them.

nude cleansing oil.jpg

Ta-Da! Yet another cleansing oil for me to try, this time from Nude Skincare…

They Say:

An Allure Award Winner and global best seller, this remarkable cleanser will effectively remove even the most stubborn make-up (including smokey eyes). Omega 3 and Vitamin E deeply cleanse and nourish for unbelievably soft skin in seconds.

Warm between hands and massage onto dry face. Apply warm water to form a light milk and rinse clean.

For normal to dry skins.

So it works pretty much like a normal cleansing oil – work into the skin when dry and rinse off – it will turn into a milky emulsion.

nude cleansing oil-1.jpg

As I said earlier, RMK is my current HG cleansing oil – it has a lovely rich texture and smells a little minty. It did however leave me a tiny bit dry after a while.

Nude Skincare’s cleansing oil is just lovely and has a delicate touch too. The ingredients list is quite impressive too:

INGREDIENTS: glycine soja (soybean) oil, polyglyceryl-4-oleate (vegetable oil), squalene (olive oil), tocopherol acetate (plant sources), natural fragrance (parfum), benzyl benzoate (essential oil), linalool (essential oil), eugenol (essential oil)

The liquid is clear and the scent is quite light and floral. I like it a lot – I have been using it for a while now and it feels like one of the most gentle cleansing oils I have ever used.

I’d recommend this highly especially for those with dry or sensitive skins who find that other cleansing oils are a bit much for their skin.

You can buy it here for £27.40.

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  1. says

    Actually, I don’t find that cleansing oils dries out skin and is not good for sensitive at all. I have very sensitive skin that breakout from most drugstore brands, and any harsh treatment products. But I have been using cleansing oil since I started makeup. At least, I would say, the Laneige Professional Makeup Remover Refreshing Cleansing Oil is perfect for sensitive skin, and definitely not drying, since I also have dehydrated skin. I have also tried Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil, and I love it, no problem at all. Although there are many who claim that MCO makes them breakout, I think it’s more a matter of proper cleansing off of the oil, and not the oil, that makes the difference.

  2. Row says

    Hi Jyoan

    I guess everyones skin reacts differently to different products – for me I have tried about 20 different types of cleansing oils and I do find a lot of them drying – many contain mineral oil which is a degreaser so strips away the oil you have on your skin (how else can it just remove lipstick in one go?!). For me dryness then equals itching and sensitivity. However, you may find a brand that suits you – in my case RMK and Nude are both excellent. Nude contains no mineral oil either hence no harsh stripping of the skin.

    Some women may not remove their cleanser properly but I am sure that most women do! (and still suffer breakouts). I didn’t like Fancl personally because it made my face itch and wasn’t keen on the smell of it! Each to their own!