Mud on your face? Moor Refining Face Mask Review

A good mask, these days is hard to find.

Thats why I just keep a-lookin! I got this mud mask from Moor Body Care – I’ve tried a few read mud masks (where they are almost like gravel and peat) and have had varying results.

This mask comes with a brush for application:

refining facial mask .jpg

They say:

This luxury facemask is 100% natural. It contains purely the natural herbal moor from the heart of Europe. Independent analysis of the moors indicates that it contains extracts from hundreds of herbs, grasses, minerals and lipoids, which give the skin a unique blend of nutrients to nourish and moisturise the skin.

mud mask.jpg

This stuff is really black and mud like, but it doesn’t stink of bogs. Nope – this just smells…like the outdoors? Yes.

– This mask is great for oily areas (like my t-zone). I found it absorbed oil well.

– This is a natural product – no nasty additives at all.

– It comes with a brush for application – you need it, trust me.

– It made my skin feel temporarily firmer.


– Its pretty watery. Witness my accident:

mud mask-1.jpg

– It did stink the dry patches I had on my face. Avoid on very sensitive skin I would say.

– Its not the easiest to use – unlike a normal face mask its watery and when it dries it clumps a little so can fall off if you try to say, have a cup of coffee to nag at your boyfriend.


I am just discovering more about the Moor (lolz) Skincare range and I kinda dig it. This face mask is quite nice and unusual, best for the oily-combination skin types and worth a go if you want to try something totally au naturel and look like you just crawled out of a marsh.

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  1. says

    Row I must say, nothing beats a home made mud mask like mixing up some pure bentonite clay! Inexpensive and effective. And you can custom make your mix to suit your skin type/needs.

  2. says

    You can try all the other peat masks the Irish peat mask is far far the best Ur Irish botanicals is one of the better ones they have a great website that explains why Ireland has the most potent natural healing peat in the world