Review: Method Hand Wash

Sorry Sorry Sorry ladies for my lack of posting these last few days, tis not like me at all but I have been unwell and barely able to function never mind do some posts.

I have bags of gorgeous cosmetics to show you and I haven’t even had the strength to open them yet – sacrilege!

So with the spread of germs and with this Swine flu bug, I bring to you the Method hand wash:

method gel hand wash in lavender.jpg

I’ve never really cared much (I won’t use the word bothered, makes me sound like I don’t wash my hands) for hand wash – whatever is there is whatever I use.

Since getting Method though – ooh! I am a convert! What a lovely handwash it is.


It comes in three scents, Lavender, Pink Grapefruit and Sweet Water which is what I have. It doesn’t smell of anything really, just a bit…well, sweet.

Method handwash is supposed to be a gentle but effective cleanser, non drying – and that it is. I get dryness from most handwashes because people presume hands don’t need TLC but that is not the case! My hands are lovely and soft after using this anti bacterial wash.

It costs £2.99 – you an buy it from Boots, Tesco, Selfridges, Sainsburys etc. and here!

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  1. Elle says

    fancy bottle :)
    but I still prefer Dettol… I’m mysophobic haha… and I actually lurrrve the smell of Dettol XD

    • Row says

      Hi Elle

      I like the smell of TCP! Dettol! Come on! You don’t want to use this on your hands all the time!

  2. Ginny says

    oooooooo i LOVE method hand wash! its so pretty and raelly nice of rhte hands. i like the moisturising one best. they have the BEST packaging!