Review: Merlin Raspberry Sealer for the Hair

Merlin Professional Level 3 Raspberry Plus Equalizing Daily Combination Power Sealer 225ml - Feel Unique.jpgIt’s a good job I occasional read instructions.

When I got this Raspberry Sealer hair product I presumed it was for styling, but silly me – its a sealer! You use it after washing your hair, leave for 1 – 5 mins, so a bit like a conditioner, but its not. Its a balancing sealer for all hair types, ok?

They Say:

A highly concentrated product formulated to re-balance the cuticle area of the hair. Helps to eliminate snarls and tangles which tend to spoil the appearance of the finished look, contains protein with moisturisers and vitamin E, this adds extra body and bounce to lifeless hair. Great when used on natural & chemically altered hair.

This stuff is luminous pink and smells like raspberry sweeties – its not a natural scent by any means but it made my hair smell nice.

So I applied it after washing and combed though. It didn’t make my hair any easier to comb but mine is very knotty at the back.

So I rinsed and let my hair dry naturally – and it is wonderful! Its FABULOUS!

My hair is gloriously shiny and soft, it looks silky. My hair is naturally quite frizzy too and it did indeed, seem to control the horrid, dry bits that are everywhere normally.

Highly recommended! there are other flavours too but I quite like this sweety raspberry scent.

You can buy it here for £5.62 (50ml).

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  1. says

    Hi Grace
    I work for the company. One of the benefits of our product is that no silicone is added.
    We believe in feeling our hair not plastic.