Review: Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

Got my paws on Max Factor’s new foundation, Second Skin to try out. AS some of you will know, I am foundation mad, yet its such a stupid make up item to buy regularly – I never or should I say rarely, finish a base product.

I got this in Golden which is a teeny, teeny bit too light for my NC35. I think Bronze would be a better match for the future without looking dirty faced.

max factor second skin foundation.jpg

There is an excellent foundation tutorial by Caroline Barnes on the Max Factor site here. The only annoying bit is when the models start talking rubbish – gob shut, sit down and look pretty, please.

Now – the base itself is called Second Skin, so obviously it should be a really light, natural, glowy base:

max factor second skin.jpg

The texture is not super sheer, like you would expect from a natural foundation which I like as I have quite dry skin.

This foundation is really really really nice. Really nice.

Considering the fact that most of the base products I buy are about £30 upwards and this is £11.99 at Boots (or less if you shop around) its a a brilliant base.

Basically I found the foundation have me good coverage but felt so so so light, so natural and glowy. It really is almost undetectable on the skin – just so flattering and soft! I love it! No streaking, so orange face, just effortless.


max factor second skin-1.jpg


max factor foundation.jpg

I’ve been testing out base products like crazy this week, but this really stands out to me. It reminds me a bit of Prescriptives Traceless foundation – perfect for those who want a really natural look.

You can get a free sample here.

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  1. Holly says

    I’ve got my eye on this one for when Prescriptives goes kaput. How’s the staying power? Any scent?

  2. says

    I was wondering if I should try this… latest from Max Factor (Lasting Performance) is almost empty. So this new one looks nice on you! Thanks God! Does it hold up nicely as time goes by?
    Must see the shades next time I pass by a drug store and maybe I’ll get one =)

  3. says

    hi, i would like to know if this foundation works well Asian skin? and what does it mean when a foundation oxidizes? thank you.