Review: Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara

Regular readers will know I have not yet found my favourite mascara, but when I do I will yodel it from the trees, like a chimp on LSD. Until then….I’ll continue to waste money on numerous near misses.

maxfactor_lash_extension_effect.jpg (JPEG Image, 740x300 pixels).jpg

Luckily, I was sent this Max Factor Lash Extension mascara for free to test out. Max Factor mascaras always seen to get great reviews, even though it has been a long time since I have used one:

max factor lash extension effect.jpg

Please excuse the overly dark photographs – anyway the brush is a rubber type with lots of little fine bristles. The promise is volume and length.

Did it work?The brush is lovely for a really nice, separated effect. It keeps the lashes nicely clump free and I imagine is buildable.

max factor mascara.jpg

I didn’t get further than 2 coats because I experienced the dreaded lash flop with this mascara. Gah. It happens a lot to be honest with you, will 95% of mascara’s so I will forgive Max.

Nevertheless this is a really clean effect mascara. I wouldn’t say it was really a fake lash effect but just a really clean, defined look:

max factor lash extenstion.jpg

Worth trying with my Shiseido lash base? I think so. That stuff usually holds my curl.

max factor lash extenstion-1.jpg

Overall its a nice mascara for a natural, defined look. Not really much volume, and flopping for us short lashed girls but its a decent mascara.

You can buy the mascara here.

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  1. says

    I am totally annoyed with Max Factor. When I found out about the brand, it wasn’t being sold in Canada anymore. Now & soon, it will no longer be selling in the U.S.! I asked my boyfriend… begged mostly, to help me get as many tubes of Max Factor mascara to test out. He’s having a lot of trouble finding them as more girls are purchasing them before they stop selling. It better be worth it for all the trouble my boyfriend is going through, for me :(

  2. Chica says

    Ashley – I may be well out with this but when MaxFactor False Lash Effect was launched (my fave mascara ever) on the adverts it said it was Covergirl Lash Blast repackaged for the UK market (we don’t have access to Covergirl)
    This might be the same for other mascaras?

  3. says

    Max Factor mascaras were my HGs for a long time…before meeting Diorshow and MUFE Aqua Smokey Eyes. With those I had to say bye-bye to smudging and straight lashes! ^.^
    Now I have to say…anything MF and “false” is a big red sign to me not go close to that mascara….false lash effect? don’t make me laugh!

  4. maya says

    “lash extension effect” and “false lashes” are different MF mascaras. i didn’t try the “false” one but the “extension” is indeed a clean mascara, no clumps, good definition but not much volume or lenght. it’s ok for daily use but not for events when you would like some spectacular lashes.