Review: MAD Beauty Chocolate Truffle Lip Glosses

These little chocolate truffle-cum-lip balm/glosses have been around for a while now, but I was recently gifted this cute little trio:

Preview of “Review_ MAD Beauty Chocolate Truffle Lip Glosses”.jpg

Three plastic lip truffles (what would they be? White chocolate, Chcolate Nut and something gross like coffee-fudge?) that come in little paper cups too! How quaint!

Well you know it is nearly Christmas, so perhaps you’d like this set as a little prezzie…
There are three flavours in here – White Chocolate, Caramel Chocolate and Praline Chocolate. I couldn’t in all honestly tell the difference, they just all smelt like Thorntons.

Inside are different sheer lip glosses – see below:

 MAD Beauty Chocolate Truffle Lip Glosses”.jpg

Now, let’s be frank – its a really cute set and nice for any chocoholics and teens. I didn’t really rate it as a proper lip gloss (pah! Next to my Cle De Peau? I don’t think so) but if my lips are feeling dry and there’s nothing else I would reach for it.

For me, more of the kind of thing I would buy to gift a teenager or something I would put into a real chocolate selection box to see who is dumb enough to bite hard into plastic. You know the type – the ones that don’t understand that the concept of passing a chocolate box round means you take one, not one for now and later when you have a cup of tea.

These are £6.99 from

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