Review: MAC Colorcraft, Dazzleglass and some other rubbish

Gah! I don’t get the obsession with MAC most of the time – the packaging doesn’t change except for a few vinyl stickers, the colours always look the same to me even when they are supposed to be part of a new range, there’s no (or shall I say slow) innovation in terms of texture and finish, there’s 1028458289342983 new launches a year of the same old same old, their sales assistants are the surliest beyatches on this earth….the list goes on!

However –

I will give credit where its due, so I had a little dabble on the MAC site this week and made some purchases!

I bought two of the colorcraft mineralize quads, a blush/bronze thing from the Naked Honey Collection and a Dazzleglass in Goldyrocks (I wanted to buy this when I was at the MAC Liverpool store a week or so ago but guess what! I was ignored for 20 minutes!):

mac dazzleglass, honey, colourcraft.jpg

I do like the Dazzleglass, I like the unusual colour and the super high amp glitter. I am not sure if it makes my lips tingle a bit, but Chanel Glossimers (especially the very glittery ones) do too:

mac dazzleglass.jpg

I believe Goldyrock is LE so I might save it for a while before using it.

I did think the Colorcraft quads were very good value at £14 each – for four shades! The small size means I can carry it around too, since I always end up applying make up in the car/bus/tram/on foot. No mad exciting colour choices so I got a cool toned Assemblage and warm tones Natural Flare:

mac colorcraft.jpg

These are both SUPER glittery! But I like glitter so thats ok – beware ladies who like things a bit more understated. They are both pigmented too, pretty, and easy to wear. I hope it holds up even when one shade is used more than the others and there’s no cracking.

Finally – I liked the pattern on the top of this highlight powder from the Naked Honey collection so I got it in Golden Nectar (£15.50). You certainly get a lot and its a very very soft powder, cool toned, not too warm and very shimmery:

DSC03350 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!-1.jpg

Light hand, light hand, then it will be a beautiful powder to use.

I have to say – I like all of my choices but (perhaps its my old age) I have been toning it down a bit. Everything I bought is fabulous but trannylicious too. Glitter! Sparkle! Dazzle! Vogue!

But you know what? There’s a tranny in all of us so I deem this little MAC haul a success.

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  1. Chica says

    Yo Row :)
    I hear ya on the Liverpool MAC – they have a lot of rude girls there who completely ignore you (their loss I guess!) so I tend to do my MAC shopping online.
    I bought Girlish Romp out the eyeshadow quads and Daft Pink blush.
    I thought my Redhead msf was sparkly but holy cr*p! Daft Pink is like GLITTER.

    • Row says

      Hey Chica

      I thought there would be no limits to my glitter love but there really is! Some products are just TOO glittery!