Review: Lancome Ombre Perfecteur Eyeshadow Primer Base

Eyeshadow Primers. Love them. Can’t live without them.

UDPP is still the one people love, but I find it a tad dry and it makes shadows a little hard to blend (I do like Too Faced Shadow Insurance the most and Lunasol’s Eye base).

This Lancome Ombre Perfecteur Eyeshadow Base caught my eye because its in a handy click pen. Click!

Ombre Perfecteur - EyeShadow by Lancome-1.jpg

They say:

Waterproof and long-wearing, this matte finish formula holds eyeshadow perfectly in place all day.

Helps correct and even out skin tone while priming the eyes for superior eyeshadow wear.

RESULT: Lids look smoother; creasing is eliminated.

Here it is:

Lancome Ombre Perfecteur.jpg

So the applicator is a sponge – you could dab it on your lids but realistically you’d need to work it in a bit with your finger otherwise it looks a bit streaky.

The texture of the primer is a little oily – it doesn’t dry as quickly as UDPP, it feels more like Too Faced’s primer in that respect. I love the slightly more emollient primers because I feel like I can really make she shadow stick to it.

lancome ombre perfecteur-1.jpg

This comes in a few shades – I got Clair basically because I bought mine from eBay (For about £10) and it was what was left! It matches my skin fine, its translucent anyway so it doesn’t matter too much what your skintone is.

lancome ombre perfecteur-2.jpg


It says in the description that it will make your make up waterproof. I wouldn’t say that – at the end of a long day there was a little creasing, for sure but it was otherwise still much better than without any primer.

I like the texture a lot – the applicator is fiddly, and you have to be careful not to push out too much – you only need a bit.

This is a primer for me that I will use on the go (and I am always doing my make up on the go!). I am sure you would get more product in the Shadow Insurance for less money so if you were only buying one I’d choose the Too Faced. But for a bit of posh eye primer topping up, this is not a bad choice at all.

I can see it on the USA Lancome site but no the UK one.

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