Review: Labello Lip Balm

Germany has given us massive sausages, fancy cars and lots of beer. What’s not to love?

Labello is another German made brand. The very first lipbalm I ever owned was Labello – it was in rose, it was a very light sheer pink with a soft, gently scent. I can remember it to this day because I used it to the very end and I used to carry it in the upper pocket of my stonewash denim jacket from Marks and Spencers, that had gingham patches sewn on it – for christ’s sake Mother!!

Labello is a century-old lip balm stick. It is produced by Beiersdorf AG in Germany and Australia. The labello lip care sticks are also sold under the name Labello Nivea or Nivea Lip Care.

The word “labello” comes from the Latin words “labium” (“lip”) and “bellus” (“beautiful”). In German, the name is often used as a genericized trademark, just like ChapStick is in English.

Labium? Too…many…jokes…must…refrain…..

I got three flavours – Dragon Fruit (cool!) Passion Fruit (yum!) and Night care:


Dragon Fruit:


Passion Fruit:


Night time care:


Here are the beauties:


I didn’t realize that the two fruit flavours are also tinted. They are pretty pigmented too – you will get a decent hint of colours from these.


Verdict: These are the best high street/drugstore lip balms out there. There are so many types of lip balms that are around it’s difficult to find the right one for me. My favourite is La Mer but that is a whopping £45 and its in a tub which is annoying – dirty fingers ‘an all.

Labello is nicely pigmented (if you choose a fruit flavour) but it’s also soft and creamy but not so much that it ends up so greasy that you can’t put lipstick on top, otherwise you look like you’ve been licking a saucer of oil.

But it is not hard – I hate hard feeling lip balms and this is just perfect. The scents are also lovely – I want to locate a Rose scented one now, just for nostalgia reasons.

The Good Night Kiss treatment is excellent. Trust me when I say I have about 20 lip balms and most of them not very cheap. I have used Labello Night Kiss for only 2 nights in a row and my usual flakies (which I get on my lower lip) have all but gone. The difference is huge.

I recommend the Labello range very much – it’s the best bargain range lip balm you can get. I bought mine from eBay but depending on where you live in the world you may have access to this range.

I have just ordered UV protection and milk & honey too.

Oh, and I bought another notebook. It’s an illness I tell ya! From Paperchase:

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  1. says

    Paperchase has such cute notebooks!!! I got a haul of notebooks from the craft store a few days ago. (Will blog about it on my other blog…) those are really cute lip balms. Never saw them here in the US.

  2. Kim says

    Aren’t they just nivea lip balms under a different name? i have a strawberry one and a plain one in exactly the same packaging but with Nivea instead of labello.

    • Row says

      Hey Kim

      Yes, it says in the post that Nivea make Labello. I think Labello does more flavours though :)

  3. sue says

    mmm…i want the dragon fruit lipbalm…we don’t get these exotic flavors here. i tried the Q10 one and it was my favorite for a while until i tried palmers cocoa lip butter in dark chocolate & peppermint

    • Row says

      Hi Sue

      Yummmmyyy! dark choc and peppermint. I think I’d end up eating it tho :/

  4. suril says

    Awww man. I wished my sis still lived in Germany so I can always have nonstop supply of German drugstore lip balms! She introduced me to Labello as well as other brands (forgot name) that had better ingredients than the stuff in US drugstores. Thanks for sharing this.