Review: Koji Dolly Wink Eyeliner Pencils by Tsubasa Masuwaka

I’ve had my eye on the Dolly Wink range for a while – Created by Koji, a company famous for lash curlers, eye pencils and the like.

The Dolly Wink range has been created in collaboration with Tsubasa Masuwaka (model/popstar).

To understand her look, you might want to read this post.

This is she:

Dolly Wink Koji Make Up.jpg

Anyway forget her. The range is cute cute cute! It has a number of eyeliner pencils, liquid liners, eyelash glue, and lots and lots of lashes!

Even though I have black and brown eyeliners coming out of my ears, I couldn’t say no to ones that come in pink and black dotty pencils! Cuteeeee!

Koji Dollywink Pencil Eyeliner Japanese Make Up Eyeliner.jpg

I love how the packaging looks and the amount of care that goes into making something appealing!

The pencils themselves have a very nice texture. They aren’t kohls, but they aren’t overly waxy either meaning they work nicely on my waterline.

Dollywink Eyeliner Brown and Black Make Up Japanese.jpg

Are the colours exciting? NO! This range would be amazing with some greens, blues and purples!

The texture is awfully nice though. Its very creamy to touch, and didn’t drag or pull my eye area.

It isn’t a waterproof pencil and there was a tiny bit of smudging but I think this is down to how cream and rich it is. Plus my eyes water quite a lot!

Koji Dolly Wink Make up eyeliner Pencil.jpg

The black is a matte, rich black and the brown is a warm rich chocolate. I think I prefer the chocolate for slightly more subtly smoky looks.

Koji Dollywink Eyeliner Pencils Japanese Make up.jpg

Do you need these? Well no, not if you already have brown and black eye pencils but they are awfully cute and work well too.

I bought them from eBay, seller Alphabeautyshop for about £9 each.

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  1. says

    I wouldnt say her look is ganguro..more Lolita. i’d been considering some things from this range, but i need waterproof /tearproof/ sweatproof.

    • Row says

      Hi Kristen

      I remember seeing a video on you tube with a Lolita look make up tutorial it was gorgeous

  2. tigerslovepepper says

    Tsubasa Masuwaka, I mean her name, reminds me of Captain Tsubasa. Ummm, nobody cares about my childhood memories… xD
    Anyway, Dolly Wink’s packaging is sooo cute! Every girl deserves a pink and black dotty eyepencil.

  3. kpy says

    Hi there! We have Dolly Wink sold in the shops where I live, and I bought the black one after reading about how creamy it is…well, I tried sharpening it and I seem to be having a little trouble with that. It’s like it just rolls around in the sharpener and refuses to sharpen itself!

    Could this be due to the plasticky covering at the woody bits? If you’ve sharpened them, do let me know if I’m doing something wrong cos I don’t want to break it! They’ve marked up the prices quite a bit here, so it was quite pricey >.<