Review: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Lip Concealer & Lip Gloss

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Sometimes, just a name is enough to make me buy. In this case, the name was Kiss Me’s Heavy Rotation Lip Gloss and Concealer – what can be better than a Heavy Rotation?

Kiss Me rangelooks pretty hot – the Kiss Me brand is especially well known for the Heroine Make range (with the blonde princess cartoon character) – I LOVE their eyelash curler (which took 2 days for me to lose).

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I ordered the lipgloss in Caramel and Lip Concealer. I own a few lip concealers (Canmake, Guerlain’s lip lift which kind of works like a concealer and Beautymaker) but generally find them too greasy and pointless.

The gloss comes in 4 shades, I got 04 in Caramel which looked like the darkest.

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The back has an open – close mechanism that you twist to use.

It comes in a squeezy bottle with a brush end. ALL lipglosses should be packaged like THIS. Seriously.

For one thing its nice and compact. Its break proof. The fact that its the very soft plastic means you can squeeze out every drop. The open/close mechanism means no leaks. The brush applicator is far more precise than a sponge applicator – its a brush! I get really nice applications with this.

The lip concealer is a nude beige skin tone:

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I like this one a lot – its not too dry and not too greasy (I can’t put a colour or gloss over something that’s already greasy!)


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I wouldn’t wear it alone unless I was going for a corpse bride look. No…this is good for toning down lip colours or under a bright colour or a gloss.

The lip gloss looks like an ugly warm brown but on the lips it is far lighter and has a warm, honey edge. This photo shows the concealer AND gloss on top:

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I really like this range, I do – I found my items on eBay but its quite hard to get hold of. I will keep my eye out on eBay for more goodies cos this range is lovely!

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  1. says

    ooh I want that lip concealer but =shipping looks expensive on ebay…maybe I’ll check with Adambeauty if he has access to it.

  2. Mima says

    Hey have you used their liquid eyeliner pencil maybe? I would order that from ebay but dont know how is it