Review: Kevin Beauty Maker Super Thin Mascara Base and High Definition Volume Mascara

I need to stop buying mascara. Period. But if you hadn’t found your perfect one, wouldn’t you keep looking too?

Beautymaker super thin mascra base image by dreamystore on Photobucket.jpg

I bought this mascara and primer a few weeks ago from Beautymaker by Kevin:

beautymaker kevin super thin base and mascara.jpg

These cost me £10 each. I fancied the primer because I liked the fancy name – ‘Super Thin Mascara Base’. In my experience, white based primers are too heavy and weigh my pathetic lashes down. So a feather light primer would work a treat, merci.

Another disappointment, or a flying success?The mascara is in the purple tube and the primer is in the white tube.

Beautymaker has lots of different types of mascara’s but I fancied trying the High Definition one because of the comb brush.

kevin beautymaker mascara.jpg

Anyway, less talk, more evidence! Here are my lashes pre anything:

mascara brown eyes .jpg

The primer. Now – it was the ‘light’ in the primer that made me buy it. However as you can see the primer has already made my lashes flop. Its a little bit gloopy, a little bit thick. It clumps the lashes together.

beautymaker mascara base.jpg

I then added 2 coats of the High Definition mascara and whoop! We have one hot mess! Thick, clumpy, difficult to use:

mascara lashes beauty maker.jpg

I tried to comb this through trust me but it was one hot mess. Since both of these products come from the same brand you’d think they’d work ok together, right?

Now – I then used the mascara on its own with NO primer on my other eye. Did 2 coats here and there’s a huge improvement – I like the mascara and it held curl!:

kevin beauty maker mascara.jpg

However – its still a gloopy and slightly sticky mascara. It holds curl, it adds length so I like it but add more than 2 coats and it becomes a hot sticky mess. I won’t even bother attempting it with the gloopy base.


Mascara – YES! Great on its own

Base – FAIL! Too sticky and gloopy, yak. Shiseido lash base *still* rules!

Ever tried a gloopy-hot-mess mascara? Name and shame!

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  1. Elizabeth says

    No7 extravagant lashes or whatever lie they have stuck on the tube. That big square brush is the most useless wand of all time and just pushes my lashes into one lash clump in the middle of my eye.

  2. aya says

    that ad says something japanese-ish like “exclusive in tokyo””light like a feather”
    ?? dont get it, its chinese or korean brand right?
    these arent sold in japan so whats the point? confused (+_+)????

  3. says

    naaah that’s why I don’t use mascara bases. ALthough I haven’t tried the Shiseido one, all the other I met were as horrible as this one @_@
    Shame on the brand…..

  4. yvonne says

    smashbox Lash DNA. ugh it sucks…. or that HORRID maybelline great lash. they really need to stop making it, it is so awful