Review: Kevin Beauty Maker Green Corrector, Powder Foundation

I am always on the hunt for new, interesting things so slapped down my funds when I saw these goodies on Beauty Shop (A UK based site – all in Chinese but I always manage to muddle through and purchase).

With the current exchange rate and the cost of international shipping and customs the slightly inflated prices of these goodies makes it work out quite well, and Beauty E Shop offer free SPECIAL delivery over £19.99.

I got three things – Aqua Sheer Pressed Powder, Aqua Colour Controller and the Eyelid Primer – I got all three for about £30.

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I wanted this primer just because I love the snotty green shade and I do get redness:

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The texture is very light and sheer- you can easily apply this all over the face, and you wouldn’t look green at all. It’s light, it doesn’t feel heavy at all and has mild red calming abilities.

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Perfect for the summer but don’t expect it to calm conditions like rosacea.

The eyelid primer is a light, pale pale yellow which is for the eyelid but also for under the eye (applied before a concealer). It is indeed pretty light – evens things out nicely though and works well as a base but I wouldn’t recommend it for very dark skinned ladies – looks racoonish.

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It’s got a medium texture – not overly soft and not oily at all.

The Aqua sheer powder comes in three shades and the the darkest one that I got was a god match for my NC35 skin. It comes in a nice white case:

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This is a great powder. Its so creamy it verges on powder foundation and offers a good amount of coverage and a matte finish. I put this on and it lasts too – I like it a LOT. Its very creamy and better than the Chanel White Essential powder I bought for £60 smackers a while go.

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You can see his main site here (based in Taiwan) one of his videos here and buy if you are in the UK here.

Really like this range will be back for more!

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  1. mint says

    These Beautymaker products sounds so intriguing! i really want to try them out.

    • Row says

      Hi Mint

      I have had generally postive experiences with the Beautymaker range especially the base products I would highly recommend them!

  2. says

    Wow! I had kept wanting to buy Kevin’s product! I do hope I can get my hands on some of his products~ Gosh~ I’m now lemming on the powder foundation oready!~