Review: Japanese Santen FX V+ Eye Drops are minty fresh!

Sob…sob…..everyone needs a good cry sometimes….


Not me though. I only cry in the vicinity of an onion or if I’ve been punched by a cat (it happens more often than you thin).

I have a thing for eye drops because my eyes are very sore, very tired, and very red and watery most of the time (I am writing this post at 4.50am by the way!) I don’t think much of the eye drops we have in the UK – they don’t really do much and some aren’t good for regular use.

I picked up thie Japanese eye drop by Santen. I liked the shape of the bottle:

sateen eye drops.jpg

This represents the ‘coolness’ factor (the sensation) when applied. If you are not used to this, it feels like someones squirted vinegar in your eyes. Ouch. Do NOT use this after make up, seriously, unless you know you can take it:

sateen fx eye drops.jpg

These eye drops have about 7 different active ingredients…

sateen eye drops-1.jpg

Taurine! I give Taurine supplements to my kitties!

These drops should be used before contacts (if you wear them) and you use 2-3 drops per eye 5-6 times a day. As always with eye drops, you don’t want to keep an open bottle for longer than a month or so…

santen fx v .jpg

I love the bottle, its kinda funky! Anyway – these eye drops really refresh your eyes and they removed a lot of redness (although it doesn’t specify that this is what the drops are supposed to do) and gave my eyes a good clean out:

Santen FX V+ eyedrops.jpg

I bought this from Adambeauty for about £10. I like!

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